My Bucket List.

  1. Play football in a paddy field, when it is raining.
  2. Walk barefoot on the beach in the middle of the night.
  3. Sing at a concert at the spur of a moment.
  4. Dance in the rain.
  5. Live in a cottage in the Scottish highlands or in a Greek beach
  6. Learn the Piano.
  7. Win a Vodka Contest
  8. Take a drive at 3 in the morning.
  9. Fall from the sky.
  10. Wear a traditional Indian dress
  11. Survive for a month, without any money
  12. Take a plunge in the ocean, without knowing how to swim.
  13. Hug a chubby person.
  14. Kiss a street dog
  15. Snowfight
  16. Laugh at the stroke of midnight on New Year's
  17. Buy my own little green dress
  18. Get a call from Bhutan.
  19. Laugh for five straight minutes- without stopping.
  20. Adopt a baby girl.