Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Requisite Arsenal Fan Love Post.

When one of my acquaintances sent me an inbox today inquiring how I felt about Arsenal's victory streak over the past two months, and whether I was gloating about it or not.. I thought about it carefully.

Technically, I'm not really gloating. I like good football, I love the game, in its singularity. So if you inform me today that the Spurs or even Sunderland are at their best, I'd take out the time to buffer it online and watch them playing live.

Yet, that hasn't stopped me from realizing what an incredible phase this is for the Gooners. Infact, it is the first time since I began supporting them(2009) that I have seen such a phenomenal performance. So much so that I had become extremely used to the mediocre performance interspersed with occasional bursts of genius and talent that is endemic to the Gooners.

Keeping that in mind, I began keeping a tab over the table over the past 2 months, compiling screen shots of the table every weekend to trace the progress.

Today being Sunday, and after yesterday's spectacular performance against Norwich (4-1, I love you Ramsey), screen shots are long due.

There you go-

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