Monday, September 30, 2013


It has been a while since lights out. Ah, lights out- one of the lovely benefits of living in a convent hostel. 

Simon and Garfunkel just started grooving out I Am A Rock and my roommate is getting irritated with them. Light sleepers are the bane of hostel life, I believe. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP AT THE DROP OF A FEDORA, BRO. 

So Sunday morning, I changed my bed placement for the third time this month. Now that Symone, one of my adorable roommates finally banged her toe because of it, Im pretty sure they'll put a stop to all my furniture indecision.

Sleep has been behaving very funny with me these days. It shows up at 7 in the morning and leaves by 8:30 a.m. And we all know 1 and half hours of sleep never bode well for any human being. Add to it a roommate who REFUSES to treat the room as anything less than pig sty, and my OCD alarms just start shrieking at a remarkable pitch thereby eliminating ANY chances I may have of accomplishing adequate REM sleep.

I'm at a good place nowadays. Despite the perpetual bad health and erratic sleeping patterns, I think psychologically I dont remember ever feeling this good in Mumbai! I feel sorted. Infact, I have been feeling sorted for a while!
That being said I feel a little different, though.

Simple Plan just started blaring When I'm Gone and is singing about Procrastination. Speaking of, I seem to be championing the cause. So nothing's changed there. But everything else, seems to have gone for a toss. Maybe I'll rant it out one fine day when I have nothing to do. 

Somebody's status today threw me off guard for a while some time back. In three months, we're going to enter 2014! Holy whatinthepsyduck! But I JUST STARTED writing the proper year at the corner of the notebook's pages! Besides, Idk what I did this whole year. Stupid waste.
HAHAHAHAHA! OhmYgod. Sorry, I just had to write this-  I took so long between the last two paragraphs that Simple Plan's Your Love Is Just A Lie finished only to give way to some craaaaaaaaazyyyy I LOVE BIG BUTTS lovin' by Sir Mix A Lot.

Damnit. Reminds me of Friends. 

Speaking of, my closest one in Mumbai has a funny fluke- he speaks in a British accent while drunk and then proceeds to fill an entire 20 minute conversation with his not so melodious donkey laugh.

That is Just WEIRD- as Audrey/Doris would say in Alice Doesnt Live Here Anymore.

But then so am I.
I love Scorsese.

You know whats the best part about having a blog? Its just like home. It'll be right here, not going anywhere. So you can come back anytime because somewhere in this strange world, you have an online home.

'night night,  folks!