Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I had one of my closest friends over today for lunch. As we ate, she told me about how big her new house was going to be with promising details like the twenty AC's that have been ordered for installation, the uncountable numbers of rooms, LCD flat screens (around 8) and so on. And I sat munching the salad devoid of sarcasm. Hell, I was just glad to have my first company in ten days. (My parents, the housemaid and my maths home tutor are not counted under this list.)
Anyway, an hour later saw my friend and me discussing random stuff and suddenly she said something about how expensive the autorickshaws are getting. As I was too lazy to comment, I nodded in agreement. As soon as my mind had registered the irony- say 1 second later, I laughed. She looked at me- alarmed. And I couldn't stop laughing. She asked me what the hell was wrong with me.
Between splits of laughter I replied, "20 AC's and you complain about the auto's getting expensive? Bloody Marwadi!"