Sunday, June 3, 2012

Search for that something inspiring.

Today morning, I woke up to a abominably hot Delhi summer morning- sweating profusely. My family is super environment conscious so their idea of how much time the air conditioner should be used for can also cause plenty of discomfort during such a season.

I got up, and as my mother is busy preparing for her exams of Masters in Psychology, I was met with an empty dining room, a glass of cold mango juice and some buttered toast on the dining table and- no mother. So I slowly dragged myself to the sofa and plopped myself infront of the television.

As I flipped through the channels, I was surprised and more often than not- annoyed to find Aamir Khan on most of them with his same old preachy voice in that hyped new show that everybody seems to be talking about these days- Satyamev Jayate. Though I didn't catch much of it, and can't really say whether I liked it or not ( as the rest of my breakfast was consumed in a hurry- I had  a rather sudden meeting with a senior law student...) but there was an elderly woman, who was recounting the story of how her son- belonging to a humble family who fell in love and got married to a girl from a rich family and in an extremely fishy turn of events- ended up dead- rather squished on a railway track.
Mr. Preachy- Host asked the mother in his usual tone "Aapa, do you still believe in love?"

Now this lady- the mother of the deceased is Muslim, so her Hindi has a beautiful hint of Urdu in it. I've always admired the delicate sound of such a dialect. It's something I can spend hours listening to.
It's delicious  to your ears.
The soft detail of that impossibly- difficult- to- re-create sound that emerges from the esophagus which soon merges with the layman's Hindi to give us the impression that every word that was said is part of a poem.
And she responded after much thought, (keep in mind that this is a woman whose son was trampled under a running train just for falling in love. A son who, without saying a word, would notice that her medicines are running out, and would buy some more for her)

She replied- "Well without love, there is no life. Life is all about love- Love of parents, children, your husband ("shauhar"- another Urdu word that I absolutely adore), your lover- Life is love. There really is no life without it."

And while her story did manage to get a tear or two out of my eyes, I wondered if this search that we have in our lives to be happy, to love and be loved- are we doing it wrong?


If we look at it closely, happiness and love are the progeny of another emotion that we spend most of our lives seeking- inspiration.
The inspiration to be brave, to be happy, to trust,.to love, and to be something special.

It maybe in the eyes of the father who realized what he did wrong, or in the tears of the repentant child who said something hurtful without realizing the powerful ache that his words triggered. The inspiration to be better, to make amends.

It maybe in the thoughts of the person who mistook the actions of a close friend and is inspired to not make the same mistake again.

It maybe in the touch of your new love, the floral dress of an unknown beauty who you passed while walking down the street, in the rusted diary of a man who lived during the war, in the eyes of a boy who dreams of travelling the world, the actions of the little girl who everyone thought was selfish till she sacrificed and it was too late to acknowledge her kindness.

The brown leaf that strayed into your house during a rough night, the unshakable faith of your mother that your destiny can be nothing but beautiful, or that one good day after countless bad ones that makes life worth living. It maybe in the geometric spiral of smoke for a chain smoker, and even in your frustration, if you look, you'd find inspiration.

We're doing it all wrong, we're looking for love to find inspiration.
What we should do is find inspiration to attain love.

And the irony of it is that inspiration is all around us, we just forget to look.

Bonus Question of the day- What was the best moment that you had today?

If you didn't have any, then tomorrow, while living don't forget to find it- the best moment of your day.

Much love.


Aneesh said...

best moment - at the theater watching cabin in the woods...freaking awesome movie

Remya said...

Haan? Its been one of the movies I wanted to cover this summer.. Might move it up the list now that I've got somebody vouching for it ;)

Anonymous said...

You can kill me later for this, but sounds don't actually arise from your esophagus (or oesophagus) they're created by the larynx. I'm being shallow pointing by this out, but its only the truth.

Also, one of the best posts ever, third on my current list of favourites :P

-Guess who :P

Baba Vaniteshwar said...

Best moment-Driving a car without killing someone.

Oh and 'Something' by ze Beatles started playing when I opened this post.
AND,lets go learn Urdu.Seriously.

Sonal said...

Best moment? Last night, cool wind, sitting in my balcony, good music, stars. Oh the peace.

nil said...

Best moment of the day? This post :)

I'm usually not so awesomely nice, but yep. This post has to be it. Otherwise, I've actually had a pretty horrible day. Woke up from a dream that made me the saddest and most agitated. I'll probably tell you about it later. So I was trying to make sense of things around me, highly dysfunctional and disoriented- when I read This.

They say, the right little paragraph hits you right when you forget your favorite lines. Thanks for this post, Beedz :-*

Dodo said...

C'mon, I'm not that lame. :|

Dodo said...

Annnd best moment:
Across the universe