Thursday, May 31, 2012

One hot summer day.

I see five tiny kids running across the road in a bid to cross over before the gigantic low-floored DTC mows them down. They yell and shout excitedly at this tremendous feat that they just accomplished. I smile distractedly, somehow caught between watching them and the deafening music from my earphones.


In my split moment of confusion, I don't notice three of the five kids sneak up to me and smiling hopefully.

"Haan? (Yes?-)" I take out the music from my right ear.

"Kya hua? (What happened?)" I ask and see that their hands are extended in the perennial manner that beggars, over the years, have adopted as their signature move.
Realization dawns a split nanosecond later- I'm slow today- it's blistering hot under the wide blue sky.

I fasten my pace, my sweat soaked shirt meets the dainty breeze in a happy marriage- letting out a slow relief to me.

"Didi! Kuch dedo na!..Khaana nahi khaaya humne abhi tak!" (They ask me to give them something as they have had nothing to eat)

I check my watch.. it's 3:15..Damn it.. Ma's going to get mad at me.

"Arre Boss, tum tension mat lo, khaana toh maine bhi nahi khaaya" (Don't worry kiddo.. I haven't really had anything to eat either)

"Didi, dedo na!" ( Please, could you give us something!)

And those little rascals form a tiny circle around me- making it almost impossible to move without squishing one or the other in the process. I let out a frustrated sigh. The mp3 is playing "Brighter than sunshine" rather loudly. I think to myself that the fucktard who wrote that bloody song, never really spent much time in Delhi during the summer time.

(For all those who are wondering- It was written by Matt Hales...And he's.. well, I dunno if he's a fucktard or not)

While I try to navigate my way out of this mind numbing chain of annoying human tots, my phone vibrates. I whip it out, and quickly glance through the message and as I do, something warms up inside me-
 As if I needed anymore warming.

Imagine a person you've had a very slight thing  for 6 years...that's one third of you life if you're me.
And you never really could do anything about it because of an impossible situation. And even at the point of time, when you could do nothing about it, you met them every now and then.. once a month. But then, one day, when the impossible situation vanished. And you were free to act as you could around them. And you were willing to take a step towards them. All of a sudden, you dont really meet them anymore. Its a whole year of no-him.

But fast forward it to this week, and a situation arises when you have to contact them. So you ask your mutual friend, get the number, and with bated breath- call him....... and you talk.
Only to realize, to your abject horror, that he's exactly as you thought he'd be. Gazillion times nicer, in fact.

And you text over the days.

He sends you one today afternoon as a reply to something you asked- in which expresses how much he loves observing people in the metro and otherwise.

Which is ironic because that's exactly what you like to do...And you haven't met many people in your life who like to do that, or atleast admit to liking something so unusual.
And when you read this text, you're surrounded by little persistent pests who wouldn't give up the idea of wheedling some money out of you. 

But I'm happy that this person I like isn't all imagination- he can be approached- something I've realized over a while. And he's good- exactly as I hoped. So I, in a moment of ignorant bliss, whip out a crispy note and give it to those suddenly super exuberant kids around me.

I smile when I see their ecstatic faces, and text him back remarking how its funny that he should mention it as I spent one day last week riding the metro back and forth 18 times as I was out of ideas for an interesting story.

The moment I hit send, I realize- 'what an idiotic move. '

What would he think? That sounded like something a very jobless person would do. He doesn't know how important writing is to me, and he probably wouldn't in his whole life.
And he would go on thinking of me as the person who spends the whole day riding metros.

(Now that I mentioned it, I realize that I sound more like a crackhead day by day)

I turn back to take a look at the kids who were, a minute back, gazing up at me with eyes that could put puss-in-boots to shame. But now, the kids are far away- crossing the road shouting blissful insults at each other.

And I? I continue walking back home, hoping against hope,  that he'll text back. And everything will be normal again. And that deep pit that somehow just formed in your stomach would go away. But it doesn't.
And he doesn't.

 3:19.. Damnit. Ma's going to get mad at me.


I cleared CLAT as well, and the cbse result wasn't bad. So all is good, and I'm  on my way to do what I always wanted to do- become a lawyer :)

Thanks to you guys who wished me luck on my past posts, seems like it didn't turn out to be so bad, after all.

Much love, you guys :))


nil said...

Aaaaaah, this. I'd like to settle with just a smile, and nothing but a smile :)

Baba Vaniteshwar said...


Monica said...

^Double amen.

Remya said...

Well, then, so shall I :)

NG said...

Sorry dude, but there are enough people around who love to observe things and people. Too bad, you're perfectly normal.

PS 1: I hope he texts back.
PS 2: Lawyer? Woww! Cheer up dude, you are fulfilling your dreams. Congratulations.

Remya said...

Why is it too bad? I'm glad I'm normal. Some hope for me :P

PS 1- He didn't :|
PS 2- Ah, well, dream's running into a bit of a trouble these days.. Sp er, thats still a lot of nervous heart beats away- getting into a law school, i.e.