Sunday, May 27, 2012

Monday and the Hopeless Hope-r.

Have you ever felt, that your whole life depends on ONE single day of your life? If you have, then you would understand how absolutely terrified I feel. With my CBSE results and my Common Law Entrance Test results being  declared tomorrow, I shudder to even consider the possibilities that arise with the pre-fix- "what if"?

What if, tomorrow turns out to be the worst day of my life and I get a pathetic percentage as my CBSE result and I don't make it into the top 800 of CLAT? Then I'll  probably be heartbroken for the most part of my life. Because then, it'll be slimmer chances of me becoming a lawyer OR getting into ANY decent college to pursue my higher education.

What if, tomorrow turns out to be half-bad and half- good. I ace CBSE and flunk CLAT. That again, for me, will be the bad day I wish I could erase from my memory, because though I may be in a position to get into Delhi University and some good course in it, I'll still be an eternity away from my dream of becoming a lawyer.

What if, again, tomorrow turns out to be half bad and half good,.The good part being I ace CLAT and the bad part having screwed up CBSE? That wouldn't be so bad, considering the only that could be a casualty in such a situation is my ego.. The idea of not having a good percentage amongst the kids of my batch. 14 years of my life I spent trying to prove myself to the useless folks in school, and in the end- one single percentage of CBSE would be enough to wipe it all away. BUT- I'd be more than happy because CLAT got aced, and I'm on my way to become a LAWYER :)

What if, what if, what if, in the thousands of strands that my destiny weaves for me, there is one strand  that leads me to the best day of my life? All the negatives get transferred to a positive and I finally, am satiated enough to fully pursue the life I want to lead?Lawyer.. good percentage.. But I know nobody is that lucky.

On that context, I would like to announce a really really good news. To me, atleast it is :)
I finally found my tattoo. And it says, that I will hope as long as I live.

On second thoughts, it should be the punch line of my life. I'm a secretive hopeless hope-r. Whatever that is.

BONUS Question of the day-
If you could say one thing to anybody on this planet today- anywhere in the world- what would it be?
That comment section is for you to spoil ;)


Sonal said...

You will ace CBSE and CLAT.

Baba Vaniteshwar said...

Chill bro.Chill.

Charu said...

Best of luck to...someone I admire :)

Don't give up.

Pranali said...

hey remya! u will ace both! just have confidence in your self!

Monica said...

You will definitely ace both.
You are my darl, you will be very lucky tomorrow. I bet!

NG said...

Good luck Remya, I'm sure you'd do fine :)

Answer to bonus question : I'd like to tell my dad that I'd be back soon.

Sam B said...

As you've already aced it congo! PARTY HARD NOW. I've still not figured out what tattoo I'll get.

Remya said...

Tu toh antaryaami nikli :)

Remya said...

Same to you.

Remya said...

"someone I admire"?.. Wow, thats a heavy compliment.. Thank you, I'm humbled :)

Remya said...

Well, a little bit of doubt is always necessary to prepare for the worst case scenario, no?
But thank you for your kind words.

STILL I DO hate the fact that you're leaving blogger.

Remya said...

I love how this trademark word of yours- "Darl" sounds.. I love being called "dark"!
Thanks, love. But it turned out to be super lucky for you too. So everything ended sugary and nice and all sweet spice ;)

Remya said...

Nikhil, sometimes I feel that you're the only one who bothers to read every word I write on this random blabberfest called my blog.

An evidence is that you're the only one who answered my Bonus Question! And I REALLY wanted to read the answers to that!.. So thank you, you made my day with your last sentence.

So I telepathy-delivered your message to your dad.. so I hope you'll be home to him soon. Otherwise I'll be out of telepathy business ;)
Mazaak ud jaayega mera telepathy circles mein :P

Remya said...

Shambhobi! Thank you, babe!
My idea of a party is a nice fat book. So yes, I'm partying very very hard :P

And don't worry, your'll get to it eventually. I'm totally psyched though.
But don't get it done till you're absolutely sure that you want to see that on your body for the rest of your life. See you around! :)

NG said...

Haha, load naa le yaar, my dad did get the message. Id totally recommend you in telepathy circles.