Saturday, May 12, 2012


Ssssssssup folks? So I scribbled something not so usual today, BUT as usual, I'm subjecting you to the torture/ pleasure (Tick the correct answer?) of reading it. Its called Mismatch.
Enjoy (?)


She wore her pretty pretty clothes,

and wandered in the yellow dotted fields 
that stood emphatically behind her old torn house.
She had a smile on her face that many could feel 
burning a hole in the afternoon sun.
I'm getting married, she told every passerby
who stopped to enquire the reason 
behind her pretty pretty clothes and her sunny bright smile.

They rejoiced in her little happy secret for she was
a darling of all, and awaited the 
date of the wedding that was to take place in the coming fall.

While she wandered amongst the pineapples that teased her way
and the friendly snakes that slithered away, even the motherly coconut trees
bent to bless her good and well, and the cashews popped off their branches
to kiss and tell.

To her, all the world stopped in the anticipatory love of married life.
She found this love in the invisible bands of the rainbow, 
and the dainty showers of the first rain. 
She found it in the cool slumber of the river's flow
and her books, and the chairs, and the tempo of her pain.

So when the fall came, and she the lover, adorned in her pretty pretty clothes,
found her husband's hand, and was led inside
She trembled in apprehension at all the joy that was to come, 
and the loss of all that she left behind.
She reached out her hand, and said, "Are you, my love?"
"Love?" exclaimed he, "I am no lover, dear woman. I'm just a banker."

Alas, the pretty pretty bride with her pretty pretty clothes
and the poet with a romantic soul
was married to the Banker of East Division, Hillbrow.


I would love some feedback. Or maybe I should take the usual route and bribe you with promises of 13 followers... xD

Much love,


Baba Vaniteshwar said...

I like.Very much

Oh and I'm in love with your header photo.

NG said...

"...friendly snakes that slithered away, even the motherly coconut trees
bent to bless her good and well, and the cashews popped off their branches
to kiss and tell"

Very Vikram Seth-ish. Loved it :)

And thanks in anticipation, for 13 followers =D

nil said...

Toooooooo much, I say! Liked it a-a-a-lot, oh yes I did :)

Sonal said...

Oh the whole thing was so pretty pretty =D

Charu said...

The descriptions were very very nice. Feels like a breath of fresh air in the long summer we've had :)

Remya said...

Vantaman, I like that you like.
Keep like.
Kkkthnx :P

Remya said...

Really? Vikram-Seth-ish? Wow, though I'm not much for the guy.. but I know a compliment when I see one. Zank yoo! =)

And listen, something happened. A calamity.. Those 13 people? You know the ones who I'd arranged as followers for you! They've left India.
It was quite a shock.
*straight face*

Remya said...

It was a random scribble really.. so yay yay yay you likes ^_^

Remya said...

It was wather pwetty wasnt it? See yoo tomowow.

Remya said...

Ah well, charu, the summer isn't over yet.. Its going to stay for a while.. ;) But thank you for that delicious compliment :)