Friday, March 30, 2012

A political joke

The Kewl BRICSters- A political Joke.

 Hey MMS! 

 Hey HU! Whaddup Bro?

 Everything is nice. I have successfully taken most of your territories out. 


 HAHAHAHA! Just kidding bro! Take it easy!

 Hehehehe! WHEW!  

  So. I had a proposition- lets stop fighting. Let's bring peace to the region.

Is that code word for war?

 Hahaha! No silly! I'll tell you when that happens!

HURRAH! Great! So what's up?

 I'm willing to drop the idea of a dam on Tsangpo. Provided, I want this annoying, disrespectful girl called Remya to be extradited to China. 

 Err..So let me be clear. You want a 17 year old to be sent to China for no legal sane reason whatsoever?

 Yes. That is it.

 Hehehe, why?

 What is the matter with you?!

Good Question... What do I tell you H! You know me through and through! These bitchn regional parties are driving me nuts.

 OH! Tell me more. Poor you! How many troops have you sanctioned on the Assam border? I know these regional parties can be tough.

..HAHAHA! Fooled ya! How would I know? xD

Bad joke, dude.

EXCUSE ME! What is going on here, yo! Would everyone just stop talking!?


Who the hell is this guy?

I think this is the South African President. Whaddup Jake? Heard you got a twilight character sharing your name! 

You lucky DAWG.

 Wait a minute. South African President???

 What is the matter with you? Why would you call the South African Prez bro?! 


South African Prez.- I'll kill all of you.
Russian Prez- Not If my sniper gets here first.
MMS- Oh my God! Please don't fight! Soniaji will kill me!
HU- Blargh. Could've been randomly taking more of various territories during this time...
Brazilian Prez- You guys are such douches. And then they let you male logheads rule their countries.

 (Image Credits- ALL IMAGES "borrowed"  FROM GOOGLE image search. I do not own anything. Er.,., Not anything.. I mean, if you really want to get into the details.... Err..)


Sam B said...

I think this is the South African President. Whaddup Jake? Heard you got a twilight character sharing your name!


was laughing my ass off. Dude you have to do something with these. PUBLISH A FRICKIN COMIC BOOK or something. Epic man epic. I wish they have a favorite post option or something. Hu Weiyong's are the best man. And MMS squirming all along. And Obama is suchha studdd na? :)

Baba Vaniteshwar said...

Mrs.Guha will be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Yes. You ARE God funny.

No doubt.

You made me laugh from inside (if you know what I mean, which I am sure you do)

~~~ Bonal = )

nil said...

Applications of Political Theory, oh yes Ma'am Guha will rejoice.