Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your Faustian Bargain.

Standing at the crossroad
the light of the day is upon  thee, so choose.
Choose fame, wealth
choose love, choose another life.
Choose magical fingers, twinkle toes
But choose anything and it will prick 
you back like thorns on a rose.
Mayhap a pretty face,
choose my friend, but ensure a safe hiding place.

For if thou choose fame, may as well bid adieu to a beautiful mind
if thou choose wealth, might say goodbye to those beloved
Magical fingers, twinkle toes won't fill thy belly, so down that goes.
Choose the pretty lass, the handsome man who passed
thee by, on the street but never looked back.
Choose anything, 
Choose my friend, a choice forever thine.
Feel at peace and rest
but for thy sake, find  a safe hiding nest.

Standing at the crossroad
any moment now ye shall trade your soul
for something ye believe is holier than thou..
Choose a life or choose a death
It is all the same, all  in vain
For a deal with the devil can never be gain.


Baba Vaniteshwar said...

This is beautiful.

Remya said...

Thanke baba.. Though I suspect when you read this post, my blog messed itself up. I think it does this purposefully as it knows that I'm a huge rooooound zero in tech talk and all that jazz.

nil said...

So I told you about the poem already.

This is the fifth time I came to your blog, just to listen to the playlist again.

Remya said...

Okie dokie.