Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ten reasons: Leaves.

Ten reasons why I love leaves.

  1. They are green, yellow, red.. orange. They fill the world up there with colours.There is nothing in those heights that is a part of nature, and be present in those many colours.
  2. I love taking dried leaves, painting their back and printing them onto paper. They make perfect art. Although, that did backfire when I made the cover page of my Geography Practical File from dead leaves this year. My teacher turned out to be an ardent (almost violent) nature lover and threatened to knock off 5 marks if I pasted dead things on my cover page ever again.
  3. The rustling sounds they make when the winds blow over them. ...This is not applicable in situations where you've just finished watching a really scary/ gory movie. Nervous + Scared+ Rustling= Neural Epilepsy.
  4. I adore it when I walk on the dried leaves that have fallen along the path and they make crunchy noises. 
  5. They make beautiful book marks. Being a flaky romantic, I do believe red leaves make the best bookmarks ever... and leave them there, and years later when you open the book again (This happened with my 8th grade maths book), you'll feel this mystic overwhelming thing enshrouding you.
  6. When you shake a tree trunk, and the leaves fall all around you. You do the theatrical sway and everything's magical for a second ........................................................................................................................................................ Then, your annoyed sister calls you from the balcony and asks you to get your ass back upstairs. (Last part n/a if you do not have an annoying engineer/ sister)
  7. Have you ever fed a goat? I find them THE most peculiar creatures of the animal kingdom. They're are one of my top faves. It's like they want to kill you with their saintly looks. Anyway. Holding a branch of leaves to feed a goat is fun esp. when you can see the little ones nibbling on it with their tiny teeth.
  8. I used to powder the dried leaves, put them into bowls and play "kitchen" with my friends back when I was a kid.. Over the years, I have realized that today powdered dried leaves dish is the only non poisonous, edible thing that I can come up with while I'm inside a kitchen.
  9. After the first shower of monsoon, the little droplets of water that settles on the leaves or the early morning dew on a blade of fern is remarkable beauty. And oooooooh! The Lotus leaves are something that frustrated me in my childhood. I'd put water on it again and again just to prove that it won't always run off the surface. But it did. ( Fortunately, I realized that I can never be a scientist..)I grew up to find that that apart from being one of my favourite things in life, Lotus leaves form my earliest memories of naive and secretive summer vacations spent in Kerala 
  10. If you know how to do it right, leaves make the best photographic subjects... even better than humans, inanimate objects excluding the thing in question or flowers. (Compared to leaves, flowers are boring, blargh and overrated, They're just pretty faces of the Plant Kingdom.)
And a bonus point? I love leaves because of this picture.  Wide and scarrrrry smile. But what the hell? I'm happy in it. :)

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Sam B said...

Remya!! Your blog looks soo classy man! And I have a thing with keeping leaves in books and then painting on them too :) and who doesn't love playing with the autumn leaves!

and pretty you!

( And I did NOT bitch abt you :P )