Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My week- Helpless Blogger Help, songs and wisdom.

I see my stats page dipping to an all time low. Which, I believe shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody as the blog was made  private (viewed only by me). You can either interpret that as heightened conceit OR the true version- Blogger was being a bitch,  had some technical issue and was posting my blog updates twice. Seriously though, seeing the space for Blog1 AND blog 2 in my Layout section for a whole week just tested my patience to the maximum extent possible.
Not to mention, the way I have brushed up my HTML knowledge in the past week would have been hilarious had you been a brutal sadist. And then the LOOOONG hours of typing out questions on Blogger Help seemed to be massively futile. It is as if Google Blogger techies don't even care about their jobs. Hmpf.
As you could guess, I am a VERY VERY disgruntled html-handicapped customer presently, and all I want to do is asphyxiate the whole firm. Infact, (uttered in deep secrecy this is) I was so frustrated that despite being 3 hours away from my pre board exam-I was on Blogger, trying to fix the bloody layout.
I believe the word we're all looking for is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

So while this interesting side of me suddenly emerged in full view, my childhood buddy made a very light remark about how she'd always seen a streak of crazy in me.
Now that that's settled.

I wrote this blogpost about three things-  Firstly, to direct aspersions at Google Blogger people.
.... Check.

Secondly- while skimming through the past episodes of my favourite television series,  I came across two long forgotten songs (sic.....more like 2010)... One of them being "I can't find my way home" by BigBang one of my favourite Norwegian bands, and the other being "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak... now that's a song all FRIENDS loyalists should be aware of...

Posting songs. Check.

Lastly, I realized how absolutely pointless it is to read a literary piece when the writer is as predictable as your index finger. Honestly! Get creative and stop putting yourself through a gigantic indignity called overexposure. The advice is applicable to your personal as well artistic life. There are always some things that you need to keep to yourself and that's a fact of life. Don't lie, but you don't have to blab about every random thing off the top of your head.

Wise ass commentary. Check.

And.. oh what the hell- 


Much love,

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