Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Little things.

I was mulling over the fact that I had 16 chapters left to complete and 18 hours to my exam..And suddenly, it occurred to me- the question- What was one of my most memorable moment in 2011?
I do get the most wonderful epiphanies while studying geography.

And somehow, for the first time, I was certain of my favorite moment. There was not a single memory that could tie up with this one-

I remember staying over at my grandparents house a few months back in Kerala... The two little cousin brothers I have there had completely worn me out that day with 18 back- to-back badminton games, Ninja Hattori mind numbing crappy game imagined by an 8 y.o.  (Oh curse those Jap animators) and 2 hours of  aeroplane rolling with a 3 and a half y.o.

(The lesson of that day was- NO. GAMES. WITH KIDS. THEY. SORE. LOSERS.)

Anyway, the only thing I could think of by bedtime that day was- "Why?? Why am I staying over??They sap the freaking glucose in my body! WHY????"

Now, the thing is I love waking up in Kerala..At 6:00 a.m. it's holy green, flower fragrance and baby blue skies that greet you.
So the next morning,I woke up in a make shift bed right below the kids' bunk bed. And suddenly had a suspicious feeling that something was breathing on me.

And that is a very scary feeling to get early morn. But don't worry, it wasn't the bad hairday girl from The Ring asking me to get her a cup of coffee.

 (A very adorable 3 yr old Kunjhu sleeping, 2011)
My eyes flew open and I saw my baby cousin, who had somehow rolled out of the lower bed, curled up in a small ball right next to me. His tiny fists were tightly wound around mine and his disproportionate head rested on my chest while he softly breathed from his little nose.

I don't know how that little guy got there, but an hour later, (I'd zoned out) I felt another arm thrown over me. It was his eight year old brother who had peeked from his bed and decided that he ddn't want to be left out. So he climbed down and slept with us instead.

I didn't get up till ten that day fearing that I'll wake      them up. But that feeling when your baby brother   sleeps like that? It's the best.

 (Peek-a-boo, Kunjhu, 2010)
(Math Homework- my aunt, sister and a very frustrated 7-yr old Kichu, 2010)

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Baba Vaniteshwar said...

'it wasn't the bad hairday girl from The Ring asking me to get her a cup of coffee.'

And yep,brothers are THE best ^_^