Monday, January 2, 2012

2.1.12 new year surprises.


With a cup of ginger tea and a mutilated phone in my hands, I tried to straighten the newspaper. Suddenly, a supplement copy falls out, I reach out and just when I'm about to put it aside, I notice the last page covered with large adverts of wannabe colleges pleading their case with the public; using tie-ups with international Uni's as a bribe. Ready to get my first laughs of the day, I decided to read those instead of the main newspaper.

Oh yes, my idea of general knowledge can be appalling at times. 5 minutes later, I had gone through every second rate university that was advertised in that paper- the Mou's they had signed with random universities (belonging to obscure regions of the world btw...).. and the color of their ads.

Exciting. Esp when they write things like "Free! Free! Free!" on their University ads. (My first thoughts- What FREE? It's a freaking educational institution not Aggarwal's Retail Stores.)

That would be around the times when  I came across a thin advert in a corner of the page, I'd somehow missed it.
I read and froze.

Imagine obsessing over something for the most part of your life, and then imagine the feeling that you get when you realize - that you're five months, a form and a test away from possibly living the dream.

'Morning everyone, CLAT 2012 forms are out, if anybody's interested.

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