Sunday, December 18, 2011

Whatcha doin', Neighbour?

I'm absolutely clueless so as to WHY I'm  awake at 1:30 in the morning surfing through every possible blogger from Pakistan (and you would NOT know how many there are..I kind of lost count after 34764). But wow.
It's actually pretty overwhelming. 

And the best part is- most of the women who blog, are so intellectually powerful that it is a pleasure reading their blogs. I mean I have to admit, the award for the most amazing written expressions by an amateur till date has to be given to these bloggers..

Now I came across this little piece from Baakh Nusrat's blog;

And I need you to read it. IT'S OBLIGATORY.

"Life holds so many priceless things- The wind whipping across your face on a roller coaster,
That random smile from a stranger, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, that one text from a person that pretty much makes your day, the standing on the balcony and watching the sun rise, the sip of water after a long soccer practice, knowing that people actually count on you,looking at old photo albums, accompanied with the "ooohs" and "awws", the smell of freshly laundered clothes, making footprints in the sand and watching them wash away, waiting for an eternity and getting the perfect snapshot, hearing that song on the radio, laughing until it hurts, knowing exactly what your best friend is talking about and shooting those furtive glances, waking up and knowing you still have a few hours to sleep, the cold side of the pillow, finding some spare change in that old pair of jeans, being yourself and actually being liked for it, freshly shaved legs, proving someone wrong, deja vu
, finding out someone you like- likes you too, walking barefoot on grass, wearing that same pair of jeans for 3 straight days, watching an old cartoon and still being able to recall all the lines, reading magazines in other languages and realizing you actually understand bits, getting lost in New York city, missing a plane, random notes, getting your homework done way before its due, wearing two different socks, being in love for the very first time, rereading a good book, . . . Trying to find reasons to love life :)"

And honestly, I need this right now. This blogger probably didn't even realize that something she typed in the spur of a moment months back, could cheer up a random person months later.

And this lady is one of my favorites- she's known as Mehwhiskey and apart from the fact that her blog description line is something similar to what I was going to keep (But then I came to know that my 12 year old cousin reads this blog regularly), she is random- as random as it can get with a lot of everyday reality. An excerpt from one of her recent posts-

"We judged people yesterday for things we will do tomorrow.
It takes a minute. Two minutes. An hour. And you're forever transformed.
The Islamabadi skyline. The outline of the Margalla hills, a stark contrast against the fuschia sunset. Just the right degree of cold to make your feet strategically cold. All the elements of a sappy romcom. Everything it takes to metamorphose the scarlet letter into a pretty adornment, one you're not exactly proud to wear but not ready to part with either. For once, you're willing to admit that Islamabad really is as beautiful as they say it is. Your grudge against this city's compulsion to keep you static is no longer justified. It is beautiful because you are beautiful.
-"I don't think I believe in monogamy."
-"I'm glad we're back to basics."
I'm grateful to/for those who don't resent me for my whispered confessions."

Oh, and there are, trust me, so MANY MORE bloggers. Of course, I wouldn't dream of excluding my all time favorite TheMe. This one is RANDOMNESS personified, killed and reborn in a much more legendary avatar.
I don't need to post any excerpts from her, you'll have to check her blog for that...oh and DO read the "Crumbs" section there. It is epic. You'll realize just how much into descriptions she really is. 
And from her drawings, you can easily figure that she's a little Picasso in disguise.

I wish I could post the rest... but unfortunately, I'm a human being, I have a body clock and my back is being attacked by imaginary spider pincers.

Oh, but before I forget, the one must-have as a blogger is for you to check out the verbally descriptive porn obsessed guys from the neighborhood. They are hilarious.But the one who surpasses all boundaries- and if you're a regular blogger or if you are a normal man-  then I'm guessing you're familiar with this blog- Cogito,Ergo, Sum. I don't really need to get into details for that blogger. He's hilarious, horny and thinks he's a hunk.
All the wrong combinations.
 Ergo, Read his stuff and make sure your folk's are not around you when you do.

Ah, but before I sign off,  though I pride myself to be balanced in the sexist scales, but during my Bloggers rampage, I came across one blog who'd posted this video and assured us that we'll be thanking him when we check the video out. 
Well, he was right. And the video is as funny as cheap humor can get. And let's admit it, we're all in for the cheap humor.

I do not know why I did this post. Maybe it's because  Lahore happens to be one of those places I've always wanted to visit, or maybe because dad had got an invite from Naseer-Ud-Din-Saami to visit Karachi.-an offer that I'm dying to take up, or maybe it's because being a political science student I've always been interested in the place, OR maybe I haven't really got any friend from Pakistan and I'd like to have one because collecting nationalities is something I'm very fond of. 

But, the interesting thing to note is, when you read their blogs- it is profound- the similarities that exist between the blogs of an Indian and a Pakistani, the everyday things we rant about (sadly we all talk pointless crap most of the time), the cultural environment is so similar that it is eerie. Infact, I thought most of the above mentioned people are in Delhi or something- judging from the content. Thankfully, I stood corrected approximately 27 hours back. 

But hey. on a serious note, I don't know what is this enmity they talk about. Because right now, from what I see- We're all teenagers, and  the problems, the rants, and our content is exactly the same- And from the looks of it, it seems like the only thing our generation will be fighting about  is cricket matches.

Or let's hope it is, because I love reading these blogs.

It started off as a collection of random blog pieces and ended as a political message. I think I'm getting old.

Much love and all that. :)


The Me. said...

OH ME GOD, you!
Im flattered. You make me sound awesome. I like that. Heh.

Remya said...

Haha... You're mooooost welcome, Theaa-You! Enjoy your stay at home... From what I could make out from your blogposts, you're obviously very very very relieved to be back. Have fun! :)

BN said...

A friend of mine posted the link on my facebook profile and you have no idea how that made my day. Talk about random-across-the-border love. Thank you :)

Remya said...

Yes, life is blissfully strange at times, right? ;)
I really didn't do anything...the magic were your words... but my pleasure nonetheless!
Write more :)

Love, Remya.