Saturday, December 17, 2011

'coz we dancin and laughin, bro.

You know how sometimes there will be just a single conversation (irrespective of how short it is) that makes every second of your 24 hour day worth being lived?

This will be one of them-

Me- " Life is such an anti climax right now, man. In every sense of the term."


Arun- "Okay."


Arun- "Hey! you coming for the batch continuation party?"

Me- "No."

Arun- "Come for it, We'll dance."

Pause. (slight smile on my face)

Arun- "...We'll dance like crazy and go nuts!"

That.. would be when I beamed like nuts. It almost made me crave the party.
But I came back home and returned to reality when I saw the piles of worksheet that my math teacher had given us for extra work.

Still, that dialogue? 
Rakhi brothers are the cutest things on the planet.

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