Thursday, November 3, 2011

Atop The Hill

So I'm three hours away from my flight back to Delhi. Now I have no clue whether this is my cue to be happy or extremely morose- the latter owing to all the crazy fun and solemn peace that I'll be leaving behind the moment I board that plane. Back to the crazy city.

Don't mistake the last sentence to be ANY sort of confirmation of the outrageous wild, and rural picture that the tourism guys give out of this place. There is NOTHING rural about fishermen carrying Nokia touchphones to their daily fishing rounds. The cities here might be filthy rich with every second person in Kochi owning a a nice long car or the scores of double storeyed independent houses that emigrants have left, in hopes of returning to it after retirement.

That reminds me, you all can say RIP to my SLR. Poor thing died as soon as I landed in Kerala. Initially on discovering it's death, I think I cursed every Camera, Russian, American, Indian, Universe, Air that was out there... yes, it was a sad moment.

Later on, well. I played scrabble and won four times in a row. Though THAT was no substitution for the extremely saddened circumstances. Alas, it did manage to cheer me up a weee bit.

I have a lot of stories now..all thanks to dear old Kerala..where do I begin from?I think we'll commence with a poem, yea?


From the window of my coupe,
 blanketed in fierce luxury; I saw a thing or two.
I saw the wide boned plains, I saw
the humpback plateaus, the uncertain hills-
all nestled in the quiet secrecy of a fateful nation.

And then we chanced upon the Deccan black,
treeless shrubs scattered in eery scarcity; that is,
if memory serves me right, when I saw him.
He stood tall, atop the hill, a fleshless boy
with unmistakable pride and outrageous curiosity.

While the iron monster roared and the tracks
 trembled under him; the boy's cows shuffled in discomfort,
perturbed at such an unnatural disturbance.
He held them put and observed the green snake
pass him in a flash;
a few loonies of his age waved at him
 from inside the monster,
but he stood unsure.. should he wave back?

I watched him with cold silence.
Though it was just a moment or two
and the next second he was out of my sight.
but I craned my neck for a last sight of his dark emaciated figure
beat a fast retreat into the past,
standing still, atop the hill. 

This is based on a cow herder- a teenage boy seen on the dried plateaus of a secluded and rural part of Maharashtra.

 I hope you enjoyed it. More coming from this side... and it'll be stories for a while.

Love to you, world.