Sunday, October 16, 2011

Okay, all that I remember from the past 24 hours is this- I completed my eco work, slept, got up, ate, drank gallons of water, tried to complete more of the eco work, slept, got up, ate...

1 hour of work leaves me so drained, that my brain passes into the non working mode. (NO. No sad jokes about my mental capacity from anyone, please, or I'll cut you into tiny little pieces and throw you into my school's principal office. That way, Torture+ Super torture= Death)

So basically, I just gave you a sketch of what is Viral minus the Fever.. whatever that means. My doctor spent 5 minutes trying to explain the very idea of Viral without fever. When she finally realized that me yawning in the middle of her explanations was a sign of complete non reception, she finally stopped.

So now, everytime somebody asks me what's wrong, I have to put my already lethargic brain to work and reply with, "Viral..."
"Oh!" They nod understandingly
"Wait..I didn't complete. Its Viral minus the fever.".
"Huh?" Classic reaction.
"Oh shutup!" I snap.

And I swear,  its happened thrice already.

6 days to Kerala. Yippee ^_^
No phone + no facebook + SLR= Peaceful studies and some kickass opportunities at lame photography.
Oh and about the last post... you know how sometimes, you just need to rant excessively to get to the answer that is already within your mind?
Yeah, that was one of those moments.

Its winter, blogger folks. Time for some crazy fun :)


Baba Vaniteshwar said...

Kerala :(
stuff me into your suitcase?

Remya said...

Let's go, then :)

Mihir said...

Kerala and photography ! <3!