Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm an hour away from leaving Delhi. Dad's going to be here any moment now.

It's just thirteen days, I know. But the very idea of such an exclusive isolation sends chills down my spine- whether its the good chills or the bad ones, I'm not sure.

I've packed math, eco, legal aptitude, pol sc, random A4 size sheets, and every random  thing available on the planet into my bags.
Ma officially screeched in a shrill voice when she saw all these thinga packed in such a careful, planned manner.
"Is something wrong with you, child??" She asked.
I laugh. Hasn't it always been extremely evident, mother?

I'm crushing hard, and we all know what THAT means. So staying away from internet facilities will be a wonderful thing to do currently- a blessing for you bloggers and the poor chap.

And-  the photographs from dad's SLR just came out, and trust me when I say it, you'll fall in love with the people I've clicked.
I mean, the prints are so gorgeously bourgeois, with a tinge of old style that you'll fall in love with the subjects. That's how mind blowing it is. And the best part? When they turn out to be EXACTLY the way you'd imagined them to be while clicking them.

But- that's not the point. The point is I'm offffffffffffff :)

I remember this time last year, when I was writing a post on Delhi and how stunning she seems during Diwali.. I will miss ranting about that during these 13 days. Oh! Oh! I bought 9 packets of candles already and have told dad to light them in every corner of the house...something that I do every year.

That reminds me, if you ever meet my father, you'll realize what a frustrating combination humans can be- an adoring father who secretly spoils me bad by granting all my wishes intermingled with a prim human being who had made me wash the car since I was 10 just so I could earn my pocket money.. and it just gets more confusing.
Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I'm ranting.

So, here's to 13 days of no mobile or facebook. And Bongo, Vanta and Daf- don't get mad just because I've deacted fb, its no biggie, really

Anyway, Bye world! :)
May you get the sweetest smiles on your face, this festive season.

PS- Suraj, if you're reading this, we'll meet the next time you come to Delhi, I promise :)
Take good care of yourself, man :))

I'm off/

Okay, bye. :))))))))))))))))


Baba Vaniteshwar said...

BIIIATCH! i know by the time you read this you will be back in Delhi,but since someone ignores their phone :/

kissie to Kerala from me.
tell her i'm coming soon.

nil said...


Anonymous said...

i didnt miss u..i just missed u :)