Saturday, October 8, 2011

House of sorrow

Close the windows, they don't want us to see
his belt whipping across her skin.
Plaster the walls, they don't want us to hear
him spitting abuses with his bloodshot eyes,
her cries of pain as she cowers in a corner,
the helpless children huddled in fear.

It's the house of sorrows,
horror floats within the walls
they're broken people.
But who will save their children
from breaking into a thousand pieces?


Kalyan said...

lovely poignant lines...nicely crafted words!

Thousif Raza said...

oh i feel for those children... the poem is the wail of so many children across India and the world... ah... i donno what husbands gain from it...

take care and keep writing.....

Dodo said...

Yes.. you are a Genius..:P

Baba Vaniteshwar said...


Remya said...

I'm humbled :)
Thank you