Friday, October 21, 2011

Are you hungry?

Cascading cars, throw the light
upon your face, reflecting the hot glare
of the sun.
You and me, sit far apart in a place
which is sat by none.

Red, orange, green, the only colors
of our lives. And when its red's chance
to glow, I feel your humiliation as you dance
infront of people you will never know.

Yellow is hope, relief.
And at green, as you sit down.
You look distant, and numbly watch the
infiltrated air
descend slowly upon you.
quit breathing, it says. And burst forth the pangs, you hold

 your stomach tight.

Far away in a distant light,
There comes the tinkle of the ice cream man
followed by the sounds of the children who run
behind him with shouts of pure delight.

Your eyes gaze hungrily, and envelopes
 them the slow temptation.
I watch you, come close and
put an arm around those bony shoulders.
If you're hungry, we'll eat the bread
that mama saved us last week.

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