Saturday, September 24, 2011

Writing a blog post, after this long, not surprisingly seems pretty alien. A rather peculiar occurrence since its almost as awkward as having a talk with a long lost best friend.

"How are you?"
"And your family?"
"They're good."
"What about you?"
"Im fine."
"Your family?
"They're doing good as well."
"So I'll catch you around?"
"Sure! Bye!"

And then comes the thought of changing my blog... Something that I've been considering for a long time. Something that suits me today. Let's see.
Either the blog, or the look of it, whatever appeals to my fancy.
Speaking of changing blogs, I dislike WordPress because I feel like its a blogger wannabe. Haha... the funniest part? I did intense Google searches for whole days to figure out which came first. And finally concluded that blogger outdid WordPress by a couple of weeks.
Couple of weeks or not, it still outdid it. So it has all my loyalties. For the time being... Where's my wink? Ah! there it is. ;)

Then, I wanted to mention the five comments  in my last post. that made my day..Haha, I'd have gone all "Awww.." and gooey just to creep y'all out. To be very honest, I wasn't planning to return till October, but the comments on that post just undid that decision for me.

But, there's a line that fellow blogger Nakul or NG or whatever you might call him... wrote on this other blog. I'm not quoting him, just generalizing what he said- "everyone deserves to date a writer and a photographer.. the former to write romantic couplets on you and the latter to capture you on beautiful moments."
Coming from a techie, and smartly ousting stereotypes, you'll have to give him a pat on his back :)

Oh then when I came back here, and saw NG's comment on my post on how he missed the crazy kid who rants so much, I was reminded of this particular person I know... around his age who would've said the same thing to me if he had known about my blog's existence.
Considering how subtly important this above mentioned person has been in the past few days of my life, I'd say yeah, he'd have said the exact words.

I'm going to post a  random conversation with him on facebook that took place today for randomness sake...See he's a Chelsea fan and I'm a hardcore Gooner. So you can understand our mutual irritation.
..keep in mind, for irony's sake, that I have a lot of regard for this chap-

  • Remya RajYES, purely meant for personal humor!

  • RR- go lock urself in the loo and laugh then

  • Remya RajYOU DO THAT...I dont need to lock myself anywhere to laugh

  • RR- lame

  • Remya Raj -you're disturbed

  • RR- with the thought of thou existence... quick question....result kab hai ?

    Ofcourse he had to get exams into the conversation....! 

  • That's about all I can post... following which we both launched into wonderful personal insults, which, to protect my innocence as well as yours, I shan't disclose. :P

    On a sidenote to everyone out there, things change, people change and don't be surprised when this fact smacks you across your face. 
    Its neither a delusion, nor a problem..Its just a wake up call to you asking you to learn to live happily with yourself.
    Because the happily ever after, does not always have to be with another person. It can just be you.

    My sister and me :)


Baba Vaniteshwar said...

2 in the morn?!

LOVE the new look :)

youaresopretty ^_^

Charu said...

Love the new look. You look really pretty in the pics :) And the message in the end was good too. Something I'm realizing myself nowadays. Ties in with the idea that you shouldn't find a relationship to "complete" yourself, but to feel even fuller and happier.

Oh and if you can, drop by my blog. Missed your comments on the last few posts.

nil said...

Wasn't quite expecting the header, but it's kickass nevertheless.
And the last two lines were my favorite.

NG said...
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