Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Torn Quilt.

I count under my breath,
one red, two blues, one yellow.

I bend down, pick up the pieces,
The patchwork slowly tears,
Every piece, every color.
Some more fall, I stoop,
to pick them up.

Both of you stand apart, holding the quilt between you,
I- am between you.
a wall that doesn't need to be broken.

I count, two blues, one yellow, three greens.
They fall fast as you pull farther away.

My hands are full, my back hurts.
Yet, six browns, five pink, one red.

Stop both of you! I scream.
The world is white, there's nothing around.

I count, three orange, two yellows, four greens
The quilt is splitting into halves.

While you tear the the grey weak friendship apart,
I run frantic, I run like a madman
Catching the pieces of the quilt that drift to the ground.

Hoping against hopes,
that I can mend it soon.

eight greens, three reds, five blues, seven yellows.
Where is the needle? Where is the thread?


KN. said...

Genius, there i said it. Are you like a poet by nature? Cause you are an awesome one. Mind if i tell you i copied one of your poems times back that had a title something like 'Until'. It was one of the great poems and now this.

I mean no one can understand the relationship of a grand friendship with just the balls of thread the quilt but a poet. Keep writing cause i am always reading!

Aneesh said...

me too

Remya said...

@Komal- Wow. That was a looong comment, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It's been a pleasure man ^_^
And yes, I'll keep writing because you'll keep reading :)

PS- Lol, what'd you do with "Until"?

@Aneesh- Girlphraand, you toh are my awesomest shizz :*
Missed you in class today, man :|

KN. said...

Hahahah. I did nothing with it. I keep a diary and i enjoy putting in tids and bits of poetry and stuff into that. A few verses from Until went into that :D