Tuesday, August 9, 2011

rather rare encounter

"Wait! You guys wanna hear something that'll flip your heads?"

They all turn towards me with beady eyes. I am the narrator.

"There's this person, lets name him A, lets name another guy S and lets name me R for randomness' sake."

They look at me in a distracted manner.

" So A, S and R were sitting together in a circle. When R suddenly asked A why it was that A never checked women out.
So S laughed- S is a a guy filled with abundant testosterone- and patted A on the back and asked him if he's crazy for not doing so.
You got me till here?"

I pause.

They nod.

" So A turned towards R and asked her why the hell should he check women out? What was the need to do so. So R- who is a girl- is taken aback at the response and told A that checking out women is what men do. That's why they had testosterone. The very presence of their male genitals rendered them unresponsive towards the emotional quotient of life. All they wanted to do is see 'chiks', she said.

They nod again- but this time there is increased intelligence reflected from their eyes..

"Well, then A looked at her in a stern and firm manner and told her that having testosterone is not enough of a reason to check women out. He said that he disliked it, and would never do it. R insisted he would. And that at some point of life, he would.
But A vehemently shook his head and said that he didn't want to do it and would never do it."

This time, there is a thunderous response.

"Isn't that amazing, Buzo, Kallo? How some people can be so different and amazing? Where will you find people like A?"

They all bark in response.
The skies outside are blue, my story has finished, and so I take them out for a walk.


The Nomad said...


KN. said...

Well such people do exist. Just to give the mean who check the 'chiks' out have something to brag about. :P

I have no one like that, though. :P

Thousif Raza said...

there are guys like that who dont just check women out because they has testosterone... a woman is more than just flesh and beauty... she should be respected, adored and loved... and it just shouldn't start by checking out a woman... it should start with respect, which will lead to respect...... i like the attitude of A... hats off bro...

take care and keep writing..........

No Guts No Glory said...

That wasn't S and A, was it? :S

nil said...


Remya said...

@Vanta and Nil- :)

@NG2- S- is..well, srimanta and A is atish not anish

@KN- Haaaaa. Your logic is impressive :P

@Thousif- Aww,..I'll make sure he gets to know the "hats off" part.. He's anyway a gem of a human being ^_^