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Finally-I proudly present to you- Heera. It won't make you cry, it won't make you smile. I just want you to work your way through this very complex story and comprehend the innocent simplicity of Thousif's late sister. Everything is fictional except Heera's character. I hope I did her justice.
Rest in peace, sweetheart.

She heard him call out in the next room. She switched on her night light and listened closely with a pounding heart. It was 2 in the morning, why would he be awake?

"HEERA?" Again came the faint call.
She got out of her bed and tip toed to his room. While peeking through the door that was half open, she saw him kneeling on the floor. A sudden stab of aggravated fear flashed through her heart as she ran across the room to make him sit up straight.

"PAPA! Get up!" She whispered, tensed. Her hand, delicately rested on his shoulder.
He violently shook it away

"NO!" He exclaimed, mad excitement glinting in his eyes. "HEERA! HEERA IS HERE! Look! There! Beta! She'd love to meet you! Look! LOOK! SELMA, LOOK!"
He screamed excitedly, manic happiness glowing from within. He laughed, accidentally spat on her as he did so. Without a moment's notice, he sobered and looked around blankly. The next moment he knelt to the floor and subsided into convulsive sobs that fiercely shook his entire body.

She frantically looked around the ill-lit room where a lonely window stood responsible for the hazy streetlight that snaked in. The furniture was hiding too, the bed showing feeble attendance under the nightlight. Confused, open mouthed, struck with terror, she tried to make sense of what she saw.  What was happening?
Who was Heera?
And then came nothingness.She experienced her soul walking out on her as another came in. An alien one, a much warmer one.
The world went dark.

It was humid here, blurred visuals resulting from a hazy memory flashed as life around her.
There were spurts of laughter in the verandah, the steps of mud constantly dirtied under the fitful frolic of all the children around.
"Heera!" Their voices resonated all over the world, it seemed. Their giggles, chatter made her happy. She was someone else. She was taller, broad. She felt her mind- a tender being with love in it.
She descended down the steps and entered their colorful world.
"HEERA!" They shouted happily and huddled around her. She spoke to them, laughed with them, offered them sweets and they happily obliged. Selma felt the light of warmth slowly extending their beautiful tentacles to the dimly lit corners of her mind.
She felt a glowing happiness climbing inside her. This happiness did not belong to her. It was Heera's.


She was at some other place. It was indoors..
She called out with a hint of smile in her voice.  She had something in her hands that were hidden behind her back. It was something that excited her.
He came in, rubbing the remnants of morning sleep from his eyes.
 "Jee?"  He respectfully asked his elder cousin. She'd been calling out his name since the moment dawn hit their porch.
"Happy BIRTHDAY!" She shouted in innocent delight, proudly displaying a huge, imperfect cake, that showed visible signs of a birth in their kitchen. Despite the imperfection, despite it all, his eyes lit up.
The house was numb, there was no one at home today.
Hamza's smile never disappeared. His parents, his brothers, they'd all forgotten.
They'd all forgotten something that was so important to him.
 She was the only one who remembered.
"Thank you!" He whispered choking with innocent gratitude, his eyes lined with tears.
Selma felt herself smile back. It wasn't was Heera.


It was hot in the kitchen, It was a kitchen...she guessed.
She sobbed, in tender silence. Her astonishing eyes blinking out the pain.
"Papi?" He came in, unaware of her plight.
She was Selma. She was Heera. And she recognized him.
First as a brother, then as a father.
Heera turned her back to him and swallowed the hurt as she avoided his eyes and worked diligently on the sewaiya.
"Jee, bhaijaan?"
"We have sewaiya today?" He asked casually from behind her, pouring himself some water.
She forced out a laughter and said, "Yes, I knew you'd come running out!"
He widened his eyes in mock hurt and walked out. But a sound made him stop.
She sobbed again.
"Papi?!" He exclaimed.
"Bhai jaan?" Her voice timid, low with tears.
"What happened?"
"Nothing..." She trailed off and left the room.
There was no need to share unhappiness.

As she walked out, Selma felt herself bow under the unhappiness of a situation she didn't know. But she was aware that Heera was in a turmoil.
As she backed out in a tiny store room. she tightly hugged herself, letting the sadness rush in. The burden of the moment, the pressure and its intensity made her buckle and she shrieked.
There was pain.Too much for a teenager to see.
 Though Selma felt it, it wasn't hers...It was Heera's.

She was back in the dark room to the present. Her father still huddled on the floor. But she saw someone else this time, she felt her presence.
She felt the presence of the woman whose life she had just felt in a bit.
She looked behind her and felt her unknown breath eerily close to her shoulder. Selma jumped up in shock and faced her, for the first time.
Heera- Her eyes crinkled as she smiled at Selma, welcoming her with all the love she could muster.

What was this?
But before she could think further, he, her father, screamed out again in intense angst, "HEERA! I should've helped him! The poor boy! I should've...I should've been there! Oh! Will you ever forgive me? Heera!  I know you loved him."

Selma saw Heera's face line with distress at her father's anguish. She shook her head at him. Reassured him with the warmth of her eyes. Her silent, tender presence warmed the room.

Thousif looked up.

"There wasn't much you could do." She spoke out for the first time. Her calm, solid voice resonated in the room. "He learnt to love, he learnt to live.If death helped him to live, then death should be humbled"

There was no response from anybody in the room.

"I had a dream, bhai jaan" She spoke out again in her heavy, clear voice, "I dreamt that I was falling from the skies,.Nobody saved me."

He shook his head, slow tears creeping down his rough cheeks, "Shush! I will, papi. I'm your elder brother, I will."

"But I fell so fast!" She remarked again, harried all of a sudden.

"You can never fall fast enough." He replied, still on the floor, but gazing at her as she became clearer in the slow morning light that sneaked in through the window.

"Was it just a nightmare then, bhai jaan?"
He fell silent. To this, he had no answer.

"I love you, papi." he replied quietly.

Selma took a deep breath as the new revelation enveloped her with shocking strength . This was Heera- her aunt. Her father's sister. The one who had passed away years ago, The one who loved babies, the who held tender love for everyone around her, the one her grandparents always spoke about, the one who akways hid her pain.
Someone who lost out on life at a young age.
"Take care of him. I have to go now." Heera whispered to her.
And there was nothing heard from her again.


"PAPI?!" His voice rang octaves higher, echoing around the room, and Selma opened her eyes to the day.
He was looking around the room in a frenzy. The world swirling in a mass of colors, where nothing ever remained forever.

As it slowed down, they breathed.
Heera had left, and there was nothing much to say.
Thousif huddled on the floor, trembling and softly rocked himself to sleep.
Selma sat next to her father on the floor and cried.


Thousif Raza said...

wow... that was more intense than i thought.... u have said somethings which i wanted to say to her... and u have said it so perfectly... death is funny in its ways but teaches us so much... such a heartfelt emotion that... Death...

Thank you for writing the story remya... its beautiful... loved it :) thank you so very much... i will always remember it...

Take care and keep writing.....

NG said...

Your a genius. Totally enjoyed reading your blog. Putting this on my read list :)

Remya said...

@Thousif- Dude. You had no clue, I was worried sick that you won't like it or something. I just hope I did her justice, man.. Love to you :)

@NG- Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. A computer geek likes my blog. How total awesomeness is THAT? ^_^
PS- Beware, I suck at everything related to computers.

NG said...

Don't worry all bloggers suck at every thing related to computers. Thats the reason some geeks have to help them time to time. :)