Thursday, July 21, 2011

tic tacs

Wasssssssssssssssssssabi ^_^

Yes. I'm in one of those "Holy whatever the faaaak" moods. Just came back from my law class. Btw- Law classes are no help if you send in cute lawyers who're 5 years older to teach. It screws up with your hormones and head.  :|

But hey, whatever the faaaaaaaaaaaaak, right?

Speaking of hormones.. School is awesome. My super cute clique of Jatt, Punjabi and Pahadi 16 year olds in the schoolbus was at their best today.
And this post is for them.. something that I've been meaning to do from the LONGEST of time.
Naah, I ain't got no time for sissy stuff, brothah..I'll just recount a normal conversation;

Shikhar (Punjabi retard)- "Hey-lo."

Me- "Hey-lo. Khaana hai? I've been feeling craaaazy hungry since morning and have been peeing like a retard and all I want is food right now. Which is so weird. I think I'm pregnant."


Shikhar- But I thought we'd used a condom.


His face lights up and I'm just about to explode with laughter when-

Bhavit (Full on jaat saab) - Whutt? What about me? 

Me- "What about you?"

Arun (depressed, wise old pahadi)- "Kya yaar."

Shikhar (chortling with laughter)- "Ab tujhe kya hai?"

Me- "I'm sick of all of you. Gay Boys."

Bhavit- "Stupid malayali."

Me- "Shut your pie hole, gymnastics."

Bhavit (blonde and gloomy)- "Gymnastics?"

Arun and Shikhar burst into crazy laughter

Me- "You gym."

Arun- "Oye! I, Jim, too!"

Shikhar- "I went to a gym once."

Me- "Bleh. Bullcrap."

Arun- "Its true, he went once- with bhavit. Got creeped and ran back home." 

Shikhar- "Oye shaaaaap! Check out my tri's, saaale!"

Me- "I got better."
Bhavit- "You got nonsense."

Me- "Loser."

Bhavit- "bakwaas!"

Shikhar- "He'll kill you."

Arun- "Save her, then, she's having your child."

Me- "I won't have punju kids in my uterus. That sucks."

Shikhar- "She needs to be dumped back in stupid Kerala."

Me- "Aww..cute." ^_^

Arun- "Oye! What'd you ask? If we have food?"

Everybody thinks for a while.

Me- "Er...yeah, I think that was it."

Arun (smiles saintlike)- "Haha, I have sandwiches."

Shikhar- "Great, you got food. Now you shut up and eat. Anyone play red hand with me?"

Bhavit ( all muscular and brawny)- "Me!  Remya, I want you to go before me. It'd be fun to decapacitate your little hands."

Me- "I'meating sood you affoles!" 

All three- "Kya!?"

Me- "Sood! Sood! Sood!"

Arun (grins)- "Haha!!! Food! Food! Food!


PS- No racism intended. These guys are some of my favorite people in the world and any racist comment that we made towards each other is a work of pure adoration.

Psssst psssst, world! :)


Thousif Raza said...

loved it... loved it so much... i am actually jealous that u have such awesome frenz... but i am glad u have them... enjoy and keep reliving these memories more.. would love to know them :)

take care and keep writing..........

Remya said...

Hahaa.. didn't I ever mention? My life has some of the most incredible people of the world innit. And you're totally one of the best, maan :)
Come over to Delhi someday, I'll make you meet 'em all, boss!
Loads of happiness to you :)

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Hahaha, You are a genius. I just said it.=D

Hahaha, you have such cool freindz.

"i Thought we used a condom=D"

Remya said...

@Hamza- YES! You're like the first person who finally wrote it in the comment section :P
And yeah, I am frikking blessed in the friends dept :D

Nice to see you around here )