Saturday, July 23, 2011

Until all that awaits

I live in a world of deja vus
where nothing is a surprise
until the strings that you play
until the flow of her lithe dance
until a pair of green eyes
until the safe haven of a friend
until the crinkle of your eye.

Nothing is a surprise
until a spray of ocean water
until a desk spilled with blue paint
until a moonlight preceding a teary sky
until the smile of an ashen child
until the stroke of the grandfathers clock
until the swirl of her jet black hair
until the sweat of your warm, sweet body
until the hush of a secret.

Nothing is a surprise
until the cuddle of a mother
until the warmth of a loving pet
until the work of faith
until the spells of miracle
until the night of bliss
until the kiss of my lover.

I live in a world of deja vus
where nothing is a surprise.
I'm falling again
for that part of you who sleeps.
Till he rests in a peaceful slumber
romance is mine.


The Nomad said...

holy hell that's beautiful.

Remya said...

thank you

nil said...


The Nomad said...

yep thaaat's me :P

nincompoop-aka-charu said...

i landed here somehow and spent the past hour of my precious sunday mrng reading ur blogs(urs and nil's)!cant blv u r a bunch of 17 year olds! respect! keep writing!

Remya said...

@Charu- you always manage to charm me. Thank you for your precious time! :)

Illusory said...

Awesome. :)

KN. said...

Now that's one hell of a poem. :D

Remya said...

@Illusory- Thank you :)

@KN- Yay! My new follower ^_^ And I'm glad you liked it, its been a pleasure :)