Wednesday, July 13, 2011

For you, a thousand times over.

I don't know how I met you.
We've gone through the story a thousand times, I know. But its, them- all of you make me believe in destiny so bad. Make me believe that fate is one hell of a creative genius, and make me believe that life is going to be the bonanza that we had dreamt of..

No, I wasn't worried when I almost got raped yesterday while travelling in the auto alone at night, because every stab of fear vanished when I knew that I was going to meet you any minute- surprise the hell out of you, laugh with you, be there and roll my eyes when you got dozens of calls from all over wishing you excited birthdays..

And yes, it was worth it, those 10 seconds when you just stood there, stunned and with your mouth wide open-refusing to believe that I was ACTUALLY there.

It was worth it, going through the entire school hours, getting through a painstaking law class and finally making it to your place, because I knew today was special. I dunno how, dont ask me..I'm just good with the intuitions.

I would've never danced THAT MADLY at a party, I would've never gone socialized SO MUCH, I would've never have burst into surprising renditions of "Happy Birthday" in school in the middle of the corridors, or classes, had I not known that it was worth it.

Nah, I didn't write a birthday post for myself, but you just texted me "Thanks man, for every damn thing."
and I had no clue how to reply. Probably because there are a lot of things that I need to thank you for too.

But, I won't now.. somehow, "thank you" has always struck me as something that you say when the charitable deed is done. But we're not finished yet.

And for some reason, I have a feeling that we wont be finished for a long time..even if we stop talking, even if we completely get cut out from each other lives..I know if I suddenly text you one day "Hi, I'm remya..wanna meet up for coffee? and you'd show up.

We're not done yet, and the day was worth it..
You were worth the 3 years,
you were worth it, babe.

Happy Birthday, mo chara
I know that I'll never be able to mean "For you a thousand times over" to anybody but you..

What was I saying?
Oh yeah, For you, Nilanjana, a thousand times over.



Dew drops said...

wow! love the post!! :)

Vaniteshwar said...

wow.Just wow :)

nil said...

I texted you what I wanted to say.

Let's just keep it to that :)

nil said...

Actually no,
I just have to write this- Babe. I don't even know which hellhole would I be in today, had you not been the new girl back in 9th grade.

Enough said,
I love you :)