Wednesday, July 13, 2011


And the sky spirals down angrily, wrapping itself around the reaches of the universe. Sky blue, dark blue, grey,- the shades of calm, darken in the intense moment. You and I, lie down on the grass to watch the heavens fight.
"I'm telling you, I've seen this before." I say.
Alas, the rain thunders on us in response.


Illusory said...

Whatever you intended, but this made me long for those lost times of leisure, when everything was slow and calm.

Remya said...

Yes, well, this was one of my stolen moments with a good friend.
Though we're friends no longer.. this memory we share spreads a sort of calm that I wanted to immortalize into words
slow, sinful leisure, is the word :)

Illusory said...


The Nomad said...

This is just beautiful.

Remya said...

@Vantz- You read it! Thank you babe :)