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Concept- It is said that soulmates are the split of one heart. In a world of 7 billion population, you can expect 7 soulmates, 7 split hearts.
Well, blogger Srimanta Mitra
  and I took the concept of split heart and put them into 6 different stories with the 7th one being a common link between all of them. Three of them will be written by him and the other three by me. The 7th one will be a joint effort. I hope you guys enjoy it.

 . We explore the concept and present you with Celviano- the first installment to Soulmates or Lovers written by me.



She laughed again.
This had to be the fourth time in the last minute. He bent his head over the piano and smiled at the thought of her crazy, erratic laughter- the one that crinkled her huge, round eyes. He didn't have to look, it was already etched in his memory.

There was so much of music around, so much of theatrics, so many instruments- but even in this huge crowd of people, all he could hear was her voice, her exclamations. All he could see was her pretended surprise, shock, dilemma.face
She was such a high drama.

"Oh My God Cellllllllllllllllll!" She squealed and hopped to his side- the petite histrionic that his heart beat for.
 It was so hard to believe that this was someone who was 2 years older to him when her every word, her every action seemed to be coming from the mind of a naive, lovable child.

"Cel, I need you to hit the note again, I think I've messed it up."
"You won't." He said quietly, still bent over the piano notes.
"CEL, I WILL!" She raised her voice an octave higher.
"You won't." He repeated calmly pretending to be busy on the keys.

He didn't look at her face, he didn't need to. It was already etched in his memory.
She stood infront of the piano while he nervously felt her tiny frame still perched where she'd been.
A momentary pause and a skipping heartbeat later, she whispered his name softly, "Cel?"

"Yes?" He finally looked up.
The last traces of her smile faintly visible in her eyes, she placed her tiny, child-like hands on his much larger ones.
"Is something wrong?"
He knew she knew.She knew how he felt, and he saw the same in her eyes too. But his heart was a traitor that told his entire body how he wanted to feel towards her. So they all waited for her to leave before they started functioning normally again. Hers on the other hand, knew patience, knew slow love.

Her jet black pupils rested on his, and gradually came the blush, and then the smile.The hand gently withdrew
itself.  "Get back to the song, Cel." She said tearing her eyes away and walking back to her group of friends in a corner, while they gestured for him to join them.


"OHMYGOD! He's the craziest crap on the planet! He wont play the note! I'll mess it up." She exclaimed as he walked towards them, back to her facade for the world, back to being the crazy entertainer.

He walked to her side and stood as she joked about everything in the world- him, them, her, life, music, pens, pencils and everything under the sun. With every laughter from her ensuing audience, her animation tripled profoundly. He smiled fondly at the child woman that he loved.

A burst of laughter made her brush against his sides, while she used his hand as a support to not fall down in pure glee.  She held it, though- his hand. For a long time even after regaining her balance.
She hadn't forgotten, she just wanted it to be there.
And he gently caressed her soft, petite palms.


"Celviano?" She whispered as they later walked onto the stage for the performance.
"Yeah?" He asked.
"This one will be for you."
He looked down at her- the warmth of her body emanating in the close proximity.
"We'll wait." She said to him.


nincompoop-aka-charu said...

A burst of laughter made her brush against his sides, while she used his hand as a support to not fall down in pure glee. She held it, though- his hand. For a long time even after regaining her balance.

lovely expressions! just beautiful!

Thousif Raza said...

i like it... its a great start... mixed expressions... i love the emotion and the quiet but stern passion you've portrayed from the guy... it was treat to read those lines... i must say its a great attempt... n i expect great things from u from the future stories :)

i m ready to be blown away :)

take care and keep writing..........

Remya said...

@Charu- Thank you You neevr fail to put a smile on my face :)

@Thousif- You know Thousif, I was going to shut the computer off because I was too tired but then gtalk told me tht I've a comment frm you on this post, I checked it on mail and came to my blog just so that I could tell you that your line "quiet but stern passion you've portrayed from the guy" has to be the best comment anyone can give on this post.
Because that's what I wanted to convey. Thanks a ton, boss
And yes, the post you want is in my drafts. I've still not been able to make it extraordinary. The day I do, it'll be published.
Loads of love :)

fatima said...

i loveee =)

nil said...

Overwhelming, that's what :)

Remya said...

@Fatima- Thanks! I'm glad :)

@Bongo- Love :*

kevinbobleon said...

The passion, the love, the intensity of it...and the way you have tried to convey it...well i am just speechless!! but den dis is what i always expect from u, and u blow me away everytime i read ur work!!!

Remya said...

broooo. You follow my blog =)
That makes you the cutest person EVER.
And thank youuu for all the amazing stuff you've written in your comment..I'm not even worth half of it..
Much love :)