Saturday, June 18, 2011

So the thunder just went off like the steam off a pressure cooker. The skies have been angry for some time. Mum kept on asking me all harried, "Do you think it'll rain." and I had the standard grumpy answer in hand, "Do you think Im a weather forecaster?", " Do you think I give a crap?", " Do you think yo could take me too?!" The last question on a slightly more desperate note,
I've been holed up in a single room from the past ten days due to chicken pox. No music(thanks to poxes around my ear) Yes, its disgusting.
No books, or tv as this disease is attributed to screwing with your eyes and rendering them weak. I'm not allowed to physically be in touch with anyone but my folks. So I'm officially sick of them. Don't take me wrong, mum's been serving me 24X7 like ANYTHING. Dad's the escapist. Mum's actually been a sweetheart. But I just.... need a change of FACES!
I'm getting strange friend requests I realized. And there's been a pattern- nymphos, old friends, despos, nice people, nymphos, old friends, despos, nice people. I did what was apt.
Added all the nymphos and despos and deleted old friends and nice people.
xD Just, shitting around ;)
I am so impatient, it's like everyday I wanna get up and go back to a deeeeeep slumber because I cannot take another day of miserable confinement. Dad got me some DVD's that were stored away and asked me nervously if I wanted to watch them. I threw him a dirty look, and it was never discussed again.

But I'm better, since it's been ten days already.. today I spent the whole day reading tolstoy.

OH! OH! ADVICE? Painful diseases and tolstoy together are even more painful.
BUT. For some random reason I love russian literature... so I read anna karenina the whole day, watched re repeats of Castle Season2 on dvd... read some more.. slept and got up to an amazing weather.

Coming to NOW- My folks are leaving me alone at home for dinner. They're "bored" they say.
It's a bitch of a living.

Bitch of a living- Spring Awakening.


Anonymous said...

get well soon

Remya said...

Suraj, stop posting anon, IRRITATING female, you are.