Friday, June 24, 2011


Irked, a fly ran around in circles
a serpentine hand was reaching out to swat it.
Hurry hurry, a friend cried from far behind.

Vexed, the fly looked this way and that.
This quagmire was distressing his soul,
borne from the world of another.
Hurry! Hurry! His family cried from behind.

The garrulous one artlessly predicted a death
But Disbelief! Their world was in turmoil,
for another hand had reached out.
It was war!
Hurry Hurry! Their leader shouted.

He buzzed the directions and beyond looked they.
For  it was there all along, hidden from sight
And they all zoomed a hasty retreat-
a motley of flies out into the hedonist
night filled with the rupture of moon.

Wait! Easy!
Said someone from behind.
The war was dead,
and they were alive.


Vaniteshwar said...

I can't believe no one wrote anything about this amazing piece of work!
its damn good man.

-Saucy Jane

Remya said...

Jane! Thanks, sistah! Nah.. Im low on comments this year.. Maybe because I stopped with the blog etiquette of "you comment and you get comment."

And do I love you or what for this one? :*

Vaniteshwar said...

hehe :D