Monday, June 27, 2011

My favorite birthday memory

I guess I'll have more as the day goes on..but here is one-

It was my sister's 13th birthday and dad always got her favorite vanilla cake for the party. The guests were mainly friends of our folks and they got the typical gifts to be given to a teenager.
My favorite part wasn't the gifts, Nah. I loved cutting cakes and blowing the candles.
 I just didn't love so many people staring at me when we did, but I loved it.

So every time my sister's birthday came up, I was equally excited because I got to hold the knife too as it sliced through the vanilla layers as well as make a wish.
That day, however, was a focal point, I remember, because that marked her entrance into a teenage world that I didn't have an access to. So a usual practice of cutting the together, this time, seemed to annoy her.
"IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" she exclaimed, "I don't want her to cut the cake with me!" She spat.

I don't remember what happened.
But I just remember standing there, my eyes stinging with tears. I didn't get what was the big deal- it was a cake and we always cut it together.
So my dad forced her to keep quiet, which got her teary and annoyed. I felt bad, she didn't deserve this on her birthday..
So when we entered the drawing room and everyone I knew was staring eagerly at us to get through the whole scene, dad took my hand and placed it on the knife that my sister was holding.
"Hmm...make a wish." Dad whispered in our ears.

She closed her eyes, I didn't. She blew the candles, but I stared at them with tear filled eyes.
As everyone burst into a superfluous rendition of Happy Birthday To you!,  I pulled back my hand the moment it touched the cake.
Dad looked at me, as I inched away from both of them and went to stand with mum amidst all the commotion.

"Why aren't you cutting the cake?" She asked.
"Because its her birthday, not mine." I replied, swallowing a hurtful bulge in my throat.I hugged her hand as the tears unshackled themselves.

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