Thursday, June 2, 2011

A day at the beach

We take tiny steps burying
our feet into the sand. Hand in hand
the gay colors of our drapes
play with each other
wind, unwind.

I laugh, you smile, we stop
for a while.Our strands protest
violently entangled in a war
with the breeze of the sea.

We finally come close to
the flirtatious water that pokes
our feet cautiously with its wet arms.
touch, run.

And there! comes a humongous wave majestic
as it approaches, ready to bury its prey
in a swirl of loving seas.
We scream in delight and loosen the chain of hands
that once we thought would
withstand the weight of the mountains.
What would be gone, will go.
And we bow our heads at the fearsome
wave, ready to surrender.
inhale, exhale.

And it falls, it falls, drenching
us head to toe.
We laugh, thoughts of inching further into
the seas. Willing to take another.
Willing to put up a fight.
But we try to take a step,
and we're stuck.
pull, walk.

The sea merries in the challenge
and the sun goes down telling the moon,
watch out, those are children there.
light, dark, light.

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No Guts No Glory said...

Really..deep and nice. :)