Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Clicks from a different world

SO. I assume you guys know I went to Orissa for a while. If you didn't, well suck it. Now you know.
Anyway, under normal circumstances (which never prevail) I would've launched into a huge rant declaring how much I have fallen in love with Orissa... But I won't. As in approx 14 minutes, I'm supposed to attend an online legal aptitude test.. So let me quickly show you some clips that I obtained from various profiles that I stalked anonymously.
Explanation to the last sentence- The Delhi coordinator asked us not to get our cellphones, and cameras with us. But it seemed like the rest of the national chapters didn't actuially give a crap to what the coordinators say. So basically, we were the only losers without any cameras.

Continued- So like I was saying.. I got loads of pics and I'll explain them as we go on..

NatCon 2011 Poster right outside the entrance to the main auditorium

Cuttack Railway station. Erm.. we went in sleeper class.

Entrance to the Crafts Village where we took our Intensive. ("We" as in the delegation from my school)
PS- They had the AWESOME'ST Crafts from every corner of the country.(Kindly ignore the guys  in the photograph)

Just a random night time click of the crafts village.They hung these ethnic odiyan lamps there that looked so beautiful that, it got you high. 

Nilanjana and I joined the pottery section. The guy to the right is the sweetest person on the planet. Despite our absolute handicap in terms of pottery, the way he frikking put up with us. SALUTE TO HIM! He was the helper to our Guruji (Pottery teacher). He spun the chakri and while it spun into dizzy world, he splat clay into the centre (where the guy in red has his hands placed) and gave birth to a pot by shaping it with his hands.

This is the table where we kept out pottery inventions and left them out to dry. I have NO FRIKKING CLUE who the girls in this picture are. Kindly ignore them.
 Nil and I spent every waking minute in that class sitting next to the Guruji and screaming questions into his ear. By the end of it, we were his favorites  ^_^

These are our Gond Tribal Art tachers. Nil and I were the only two people who signed up for double crafts ( as that was absolutely not allowed :P)
BUT both our teachers from the crafts were SO awesome..that they let us run between the two stalls. So once we left for our Pottery class in the morning, we'd make a couple of clay pots, leave them out to try, borrow two already dried pots and carve into them.
We would while away an hour and a half doing this followed by 1 and half hours of Tribal Art. (Nilanjana always ran away an hour after Pottery) THUS, I managed to charm Guruji with my extraordinarily sucky talents of pottery.But still, I had an inkling that he was fond of me :D
After which, Gond Tribal Art would be super awesome.The teacher in the blue shirt was the main artist while the creamish pink shirt fellow was the sub. They were both amazing.
I'll put up my tribal Art paintings later.

These were the patta shilp guys from Bengal which Vanita joined. Their stall was adjacent to the Gond Tribal Art stall .

These guys were the papier mache people. Right infront of the Gond Tribal Art stall. 

This was the display outside the basket weaving stall Just LOOK at the stuff and tell me- isn't India the hottest country on the planet!?

The Mughal Carving guys. They spent THREE hours a day carving into wood with picks and whatnots, And the major sound that emanated from the Craft Village was "THUD THUD!".. all thanks to these fellows. Their Guruji was a Padma Shri, BOSS!

After spending insane amount of hours a day just MADLY engaged in some activity or the other, we all had to come back to this gate through which we'd enter into the weird-ass blue-white balloon-like claustrophobic auditorium (The slight chunk of which you can see in the background) till eleven at night.

The bus in which we sat cramped for twelve hours on the last day to tour around Puri and Konark. 
BOTH are places that you should visit atleast once in your lifetime. Its awesome.
 Sadly, the bus ride was torturous.  We were somewhere in the second last seat to the right side, presumably bored to death. 
PS- The guy in black tee in the front? The biggest paedophile in the planet.

The group photo at Konark Sun Temple.
 Kindly ignore my awkward pose. The guy to my left was being awkward. And I didn't exactly have the option of huddling with him the way Nilanjana and Vanita were huddling with each other.
PS- The awkward guy- Rahul Sen-  is the sweetest person on the planet. Next to him is my Gond Tribal Art sub, next to the sub is a retarded woman from Bhatinda, next to her, are Nil, Vanita followed by (as usual) Karishma.

Same photo, Much less awkward. I figured I better start smiling. :P

Hey world? It was a good trip. 
And did I mention? I fell in love with Orissa.

Goo'night :)


Charu said...

Beautiful pics. And shame YOU guys didn't get to carry a camera too. But I'm waiting for that rant on what all you did and how much you loved Orissa. So hope your legal aptitude test went well.

Vaniteshwar said...

and lol at the pedo XD