Monday, June 27, 2011

Bday favorites- Sisters and calenders.

I got another one!

I remember, somewhere around my 6th birthday, when I had no clue what calenders were and what time meant, I only looked forward to one date, 28th june. When did it come? Who knew? Mum would tell me.

The only thing I knew, was that I had to start waiting for it after my sister's birthday(2nd june), so every year following her birthday, I waited patiently for my folks to tell me when it was about to arrive.
Now sometime around 27th june of 2000, I asked my sister if we were close to 28th. I had had enough of waiting.
"Its been SO LONG!" I wailed impatiently.

My sister asked me to shut up and pretended to check the calender, she sighed, looked around, checked it again, made a huge show about it (Seriously, she actually reinforced my innocent belief that calenders were something that only smart people could check )

Anyway, after 5 minutes, she told me that it was "the day after tomorrow, you'll have to wait for another whole day" She said.
Still, I was glad it was just another days wait. So I grabbed my alphabets book and went back to studying.

The next day, early morning I woke up with a kiss on my forehead from dad who said "Happy Birthday!: with a huge proud smile lined on his face. He picked me up from the bed and cradled me gently.

I screwed up my eyes with tears- firstly because it was too early to get up on a holiday.
secondly, because I was extremely devastated that my father had wished me a day early. My little mind got hurt that he didn't even remember the exact date.

My throat, inactive, and overcome with phlegm attacks managed to sob through early morning tears, "It's not today! You forgot it! Its tomorrow!" And I burst into inconsolable tears.
My father, presumably shocked at what possibly could have gone wrong with such a lovable wish, immediately withdrew and handed me over to my mother.

While, she spent the next ten minutes convincing me that it was my birthday, and I spent the next ten minutes tearfully shaking my head and repeating with a martyred voice that it couldn't be today as malu had told me that it was tomorrow.
"It's today!" Dad exclaimed pointing at the calender.
"NO! IT'S NOT!" I squealed back, "she checked it yesterday! I saw her!"

Finally, exhausted, they resolved to wake my sister up. She got up that morning to a crazed, incoherent, tearful little sister and flurried parents.

"What happened?" She asked rubbing her sleepy eyes with her palms.
"She's crying that your dad wished her birthday today and keeps repeating that you told her- its not today but tomorrow"

She stopped. Put her hands on her lap and passed us a guilty look.
I looked at her with huge glassy orbs and asked her to tell them that it was tomorrow and that she had seen it on the calender.
"Tell them!" I shouted unhappily.

She looked at my parents, gave a shamefaced smile and said, "It was just a prank! I didn't think she'd buy it!"
I looked at her stunned without realizing what was happening.
"But its tomorrow!" I exclaimed.
:No, its not, it's today."
"But you said-"
"I know what I said,I was fooling you, sorry! but its today."

I didn't believe it. I spent the entire day in denial.
For me, what she had said earlier was the blind and believable truth. And we cut my cake together in the evening.

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