Friday, May 6, 2011

This too shall pass.

The May penumbra plays
the ingĂ©nue.
She hides, she glows, she hides again
behind the clouds.

I sit with you, the book
in my hand, skipping the words
reading the Gossamer strands
of your hair instead.

Are you unhappy, my love?
Your summery fragrance numbs
as a tear rolls down your cheek.

"What happened?" I ask
and you, the wonderful pastiche,
shake your head in silent pain.

"We will grow old, one day!"
you cry in curious childlike, woebegone
tone, my love.
How do I stop my laughter?

I smile and let your lissome head rest
on my shoulders.
I repeat what my mind has said.
Dalia, dear darling, you can never age
in my eyes.

The world is evanescent.
We should laugh
as this, too, shall pass.


Thousif Raza said...

you always had the power to stir emotions with ur words.. n with this poem, you show ur strength of how talented n beautiful u can write n make us feel the same way...

thank you remya for such a beautiful poem... u make me realize how big a fool i was for skipping blogging n not reading post of such a talented writer :), thank you

n s this punk is back on the blogging horse, u r heroines in the story i have written for my current post... cu son :0

take care and keep writing....always :)

Anonymous said...

That one..really made me think for a while..... you have described the picture with ur words, its beautiful and the impression surely stays on my mind!
i loved the way u portrayed the innocent.

keep writing!