Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I've been gone for a bit.
And Im dead sleepy and its frikking 5 in the evening. THIS is what happens when you spend half the night  doing a movie marathon with a useless loser who does not have anything to do for the next 1 year. (Read Rohan)
On top of that, my sister wakes me up early morning with a text that goes- "OMG! I GOT AN AWESOME GOSSIP PIECE! CALL MEEEEEE!"
I call her and she rejects my call.
Then, my father constantly ignores me whenever I broach the topic of getting my SLR fixed.
I need to complete the entire differentiation chapter in two hours whereby my math tutor will show up and insult me for being indifferent towards calculus. (Can you blame me?.)

What is up with me?

  1. I fought with the principal of my school and it was AWESOME. That bald bitch lost his fight. 
  2. I learnt to drink whiskey mixed with mirinda. (PS- DONT TRY AT HOME)
  3. My math tutor is officially killing me with calculus
  4. I need to stay at home more.
  5. EVERY DAY I feel like getting a boy cut. DAMN.IT. DELHI IS SWELTERING.
I have some real good write- ups in my drafts but I guess, some random posts are due.. So y'all can dread some super stupid posts this summer. ;)

PS- I have a real good feeling about this summer :)


Vaniteshwar said...

whiskey with mirinda?seriously?..

Anonymous said...

dont let the summer go off with this randum guy writing on ur posts or blog

Remya said...

@Vanta- YUS. :D

@Anonymous- I think this random guy just made me smile with his anonymous comments ;)