Friday, April 15, 2011

A Temporary Junction.

"It was a mutual break up." She had told everyone.
 Thus, it was established.
No further explanations demanded and none given.

So predictably, everyone got extremely engrossed in the business of racking their brains and arriving on random theories.
They ultimately derived on the conclusion that there had been a fight. But why? They were dying to ask.

"I didn't want more." She replied in her standard upheld manner. Thus it was established.
No further explanations demanded, and none handed out free of cost.

Of course, society resumed its usual course, and bustled around in a bid to draw out millions of rumors from which one was chosen.
It was his fault.

"What did he do?" Came out the next desperate query.
"It's not his fault." She protested half heartedly. "It's a mutual breakup." She repeated.

"Definitely HIS fault!" They chorused excitedly behind her back.

"It must be his desperation. He always came across as a desperate to me." Volunteered one.
"Aaaaah! Nah, probably his self consuming habit of being exceedingly intense. I never could tolerate it." Said another.
"He's just full of himself/"...blah...blah....blah.....  "Maybe its sex.He wasn't getting any action from her."
They pretended to gag at the last one, though each  secretly agreed upon it. Finally, they decided on the most appropriate public excuse- "They weren't  compatible."

News reached her ears.
Eyes wide with annoyance, she drew in her breath and mumbled dramatically, "I do not wish to discuss it."

They heard it. Understood it.
Next day at 7 in the morning, 15 interviewers had lined up at her house to ask her her opinion on her break up.

I read all the articles.
A few minutes later, I logged into my blog and saw her face there on the Follower's list- my first follower.
She was smiling back at me in a manner which I had forgotten.
Her eyes twinkling back in a way that I was sure I wouldn't witness for a long time. I sighed.

"So, bro! Heard about the break up! You alright?" My 21-year old brother asked on the phone.
"Yeah, I'm alright.Might need some time to get over it."

And that was that.

It was established. 
No further explanations demanded and none given.

In my world, this meant something else. In hers, meaning held no importance.

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nil said...

....something I didn't expect to read today.On your blog. but hey I guess that's what makes you Remya.

Wouldn't say anymore.