Sunday, April 17, 2011

In the light of your trust.

Lets the red ribbon
blind your eyes
so you could see the trust
you can place on me.

Let my hands guide you
to where you go,
I will shout the directions
if it hurts my throat,
I will run all the way
if it hurts my feet.
I will show you, that all you need
is a little bit of trust.

You don't need your eyes, ears, nose
 as long as I can see, hear, smell.
Your thoughts are my words,
and neither do you
 need your limbs as long as I have mine.

If you desire, that no night
darkens your world,
I shall coerce the sun to throw his light
even if it means that I get burnt.

I shall shade your shadow if it feels the heat,
I will stop from nothing if it makes you see,
that all you need is a little bit of hope, a little bit of trust,
and you shall reach home.

1 comment:

nil said...

And you did it again,woman. This is beautiful.
Just.. wow.