Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Apparently, you're never a child. Apparently, you should never talk your emotions. I knew that way back. Even before I could think.
Apparently, you should never hope for better- got the worse- stick to it.
Apparently, if you have tears- put them inside nobody cares. Apparently, you're all wrong- you'll always be for the other person. Apparently your emotions have no value, so become hard like every other person you know.

Apparently if there's trouble, it's all your fault. Apparently if the world sees you strong,confident- you're the overconfident bastard who deserves the harsh fall.
The strength is just a mirage- don't believe it, the confidence is just a slab of glass- it will shatter with your words.
Apparently, your own don't know you. So, all you can do is give it up.
Don't strive for better, dear child, if you've got the worst- just stick to it.
Apparently you cry when you see a decade to the front without them- just stay silent.
Apparently all you just complained about was your selfish side of the story.

Stop dreaming, stop talking, start bearing, stop feeling, you shouldn't have tears- just believe that, you were never a child- just believe that. And you'll grow into a fine adult.
I knew all of that already. Didn't need an ugly confrontation just to hear that.
Why blame me when I ask you if I can smoke? Seems like it's the best you can do, engulf yourself in the haze of cigarettes.
The world will be blurred.
There, much better.

And as for you, I'm still a bitch, aren't I?
I have to try, though. Will try not to feel, not to think, not to dream
Thank you, world. It was a lovely day.


Vaniteshwar said...

you're in happy mood aren't you?

Vaniteshwar said...


Anonymous said...

The world hides in the closest of shades, read to punce at every bruise no matter how old you are. Our dear ones seem like the biggest strangers our path might have ever led to,
but sweetheart, it's all apparent .
It's not reality.

Cause reality exists in that hurt you feel today, cause that hurt comes from oceans of love within you. Imbibed by those who made you cry tonight, but will love you forever, no matter how cold their shoulders might feel today.

Always love,
Your Only Dancing Queen.

Vaniteshwar said...

P.S nicely written.