Saturday, March 5, 2011

whatever the eff?

Yeah. So here's, another gibberish update.
I happened to watch cricket.
That unbelievably annoying game consisting of  300 balls with men running here and there.
Yes, that one.
Oh. Crap, I realized that my last to last statement didn't exactly come out right :P
SO. This friend of mine hosted a cricket party sort of thing and I ended up being holed in her house and staring at my watch for a real long time. My watch is beautiful. Rugged and sooo handsome and it has this quality--
I'm rambling.
Yeah, It had Australia and West Indies.. and those faks didnt even play it full.
FOOSBALL'S wayy better.

I am officially in love with Mika and Pink Floyd- God bless their bloody existence. It's like a dream, y'know. If I ever sing a duet- it's just got to be with Mika.

Yeah, I know. I just presented everybody with an opportunity to roll their eyes and go, "Whatever, the fuck, kid."
Speaking of which, I'm reading George Elliott. MAN, that woman makes me drip intellect with her choice of words.I mean, she'd be writing about the most mundane things on the planet, and it'd make me go *ENCOREEEEE*
I just bought Valerio Manfredi's Alexander. Can't wait to get started.
By the way, I'm still sticking at Toure's end even if he got caught. Gunnners all the wayyy =D
March looks packed, I got a lot of things scheduled with 7 days in hand. 
(Yeah, got to pack up everything before the results. Once THOSE babies are out, I'm screwed.)

Hey by the way, @Vanta- you really think I'm going to wish my mum from your side? Do it yourself, man. I'm too lazy. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.
Oh and on a sidenote, I was planning to wish you before your History, but I didn't have balance.
Speaking of which, I think it's high time to get my phone filled. Even God's frustrated with my laziness on that account.
Speaking of which, I discovered a copy of Hanuman Chalisa in my bag yesterday. I stared at it, twisted it over, stared at it,..
and then put it back inside.
Might use the extra help during my next two exams ;)

Hey, I am due for song covers this March.
Tell me which songs you want me to do... we'll see how that works out.

PS- If you've never listened to Maneli Jamal then you should die.
On second thoughts, actually, first listen to his stuff, THEN you go and die ;)

PS2- Say hi to my 29th follower- Ruhani =)

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Vanita said...

haha:D i wished your mom in school today..:P
pink Floyd FTW!!:)