Sunday, March 6, 2011

So I've got english tomorrow.
Wrote a few stuff.. Guess would be publishing it soon.

Just had a slight tiff with my Christchurch correspondent which ended up in me getting annoyed and slamming the phone down.. nothing much, really. He was just being unbelievably annoying for a 23-year old. Though his apology message kind of left me feeling like an absolute idiot.
It's quite a mystery how I never thought that there is something wrong going at the other side.
Moral of the Story- Please never  slam the phone on your friends.

Oh, Srimanta's getting better at writing. I'm so proud of you :)
But kid, you just tend to make it all so complicated..and I just don't know why. Why make a big deal out of the smallest of things? Just take it easy...that's all I have to say to you. Someone who may seem important to you today, might not be so important tomorrow..  Why screw up your present by being overly emotional regarding them?
Something that seems so incredibly hard to scale today, will seem like a cakewalk tomorrow.. Just keep it inside. Learn to differentiate between the trivial and crucial of life.
But whatev, Im really proud of your recent stuff...excluding the Changes one..

Moving on, I was going through "The Portrait of a Lady"..and you know. Its written so beautifully. I mean, trust me. It's written in a very "Khushwant Singh" style, if you know what I mean.. But for some damn reason, it's just..when I was reading it. I automatically set up this distaste towards its every line.. And it slowly dawned on me- the reason to that.
May you realize, Mrs. Anju Sinha- that even though I do not expect anything from you in lieu of the farewell speech I gave you.. putting aside all the times you had insulted me... and all the times you had put me through hell.. May you understand that all you have from my side is my frigid respect purely brought about be a sense of morality and principles. If you were able to rid me of my taste for the only subject I truly feel for, then somewhere, you really were wrong, and you really were pathetic at what you did i.e., Teaching.

I was listening to Like a Rolling Stone.. Why is Dylan so amazing?,...

On a lighter note, I was on the phone with my sister a few hours back when she told me that Juno inexplicably reminds her of me. and I went ..WHooooo..way to go elder sister- comparing your little sibling to a 16-year old knocked up female who had sex with her fumbling best friend.
But on second thoughts, it ain't so bad is it?  Being compared to Ellen Page. She is so insanely pretty.

Anyway. Apparently my unbearable sense of sarcasm was the reason behind such a comparison...
Obviously, I can't have sex with MY best friend as she happens to be a girl and both of us happen to be straight.xD
Wow, that was SUCH a weird thought.
Ignore me.

By the way, dancing queen, it sucks when there is awkwardness between us, doesn't it? xD

Rohan's exams were thankfully alright... So he didn't drive me crazy with his sudden female hormone outbursts.
I SWEAR he was born to be a woman.
And everytime I say that, he replies that I was born to be a man.
And I go- Wait..ain't I already? xD

Buhbye people..


Priyanka Banerjee said...

I can't have sex with any of my best friends either. Hi5* :D

Ruhani said...

Okay hold on. I am HOPING this Rohan is'nt your Boyfriend. Because IF at all he is, then lady, our lives are WAAAY to similar!