Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Myriad's Destiny.

There were clangs of the hard metal
hitting its own,
barring its fangs, letting the sparks fly,
the heat ate them up,
slowly tasting through
the layers of all the humans- nay ghosts-
that stood as its meal.
BAM! Went the sound in one end of this room,
BOOM! shouted the sound at the other end.
The fluorescent red color hues flying around in this hazy
bloodless expanse of dust and smoke,
nobody could breathe, dare not survive.
Some had evil gleam and some with pain in their eyes.

They were all monsters, frightful and mighty
red, black, dull grey in color
this universe parallel seemed so sad.
Those who were here had no chance to escape,
for they had done a crime. Thus, punished, they were.
Their claws of humanity rusted so deep down, that as much as they filed,
it never came off.
For it had solidified nice and strong,
too late for them to too move along.
They worked hard, all bound in chains,
their hands chained, their feet chained.
They walked slow,dried up emotions,
so they worked with a grit, cursed for life.
They were heavy and strong, did I mention? Forgetful I am,
for every time I looked at them, they were frightening-
decayed skin, ripped muscles- man and woman all alike,
dirt and garbage stuck to their skins, every malady like sin
stuck to their body.

They worked hard, day and night
nonstop, no complaints, chagrined themselves, forbade from earth,
forbade from happiness.

In between this all, suddenly wandered in, a glowing translucent creature,
with a halo that glowed conspicuously around his head,
I have to admit, a rather commendable feature.
It set him apart from all those around,
so slowly, they set down their pickaxes and stared at this man curiously,
Who are you ? they asked threatening and seriously.
He stood with elan, a pride in his stature,
but only confusion in his eyes.

"I'm Myriad! Where am I?" he asked in return, with a legendary British accent,
You're on hell's door, fool! roared those around in anger, impatience.
"But! but!" he mumbled helpless.
"I am not to be here! I am a good man, was a good man!"
some snorted, some glared,
"Well, seemed like God had better stuff to do, Sonny, NOW SCAT!" a random old man
with spite spat.
He stood there stunned for a long time,
not knowing what to do, so he dragged his feet and sat on the pavement,
and thought, he thought on for long.
"I want to meet your superintendent!" He screamed through the noise
that surrounded him.
They laughed, jeered, some repeated what he said in a feminine voice.
His plea was dismissed.

He stayed put there for a long time,
thought of all the good deeds he had done in life( the noise in the outside world increased)
he thought of all the smiles he had brought( the greater was the clang outside)
then he remembered all the ardor he had spread. (BOOM! went the background.)
He thought of all the sacrifices he had made, all the principles he had upheld.
(There was a deafening sound of glasses shattering)
And then, as he drifted into a coma, he thought of all the tears that had been spilt when he lay
on his deathbed,
he thought of all the prayers that had been sent to the heavens by those who loved him.
But he couldn't find a reason, why he'd be sent to Hell.

Frustrated, he kicked a stone and it rolled to nowhere,
there were no flowers, no butterflies,
nothing around but just sweat, blood, anger and meaningless hard work.
Just when he was about to lose hope, he remembered how he had once
denied to help Olliver McJuvan with his homework, for he had to rush to the hospital
where his father lay sick.
"But-!" Ollly had begun,
However, without further delay, Myriad had run off.
"Maybe that's why......." Myriad trailed into his thoughts.
Maybe that's why I'm here..

For of course, God couldn't have made a mistake!
He might have had his reasons,
So Myriad accepted his fate,
for a little mistake, he took the punishment for high treason.

So strong was his faith.

After years of handwork, converting the monsters
into the good with his relentless dedication,
the Devil once came to visit this committed good man of his evil nation,
He took a look and said, "Myriad Gregory! Why are you here?
You were to be heaven!"
Myriad stared in surprise, and couldn't say a word,
such was the mistake of God, even the Devil himself, was deterred.

However, a minute later, Myriad got back to work,
He accepted his fate, For of course! God couldn't have made a mistake!

He could endure Hell, so strong was his faith.

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Priyanka Banerjee said...

I read only half, sorry. Have to study. Rest assured, will read the full thing when I have the time it deserves :)
But couldn't resist the urge to tell you that I love the picture in the header :D