Thursday, March 17, 2011

Medusa's Lover.

I always wonder,
when I think of her,
what if Medusa had a lover?

What if the wrong that Poseidon did,
 the wrong Athena did upon her.
What if it all never existed?
What if it all was just an old looney's banter?

What if Medusa was a pretty child?
With no evil in her.
With a kind heart, and a kind soul,
with all the dreams that she could ever know.

What if she, like us, with all her friends,
dreamt of a wonderful man and those happy ends?
And then came along, a strong, moral man
who loved her as she was.

And even if Poseidon went on his rampage,
What if the Lover, wreathed in rage,
decided on a revenge?
And injured Poseidon,
while Medusa was cursed into a  snake-haired, monstrous, ugly wench,
And the lover would have cried, shed his tears
while Medusa, faced the world with her unhappy fears.

What if the lover stuck by her side,
helped her survive?
Took in the children that were never his own?
What if he had fought Perseus and
helped her retain her Godly humanity within the evil?.

And finally, what if they lived,
to the end of their lives,
fighting this misfortune, with all their might?

But this is all simple fantasy,
spout by the thoughts of a child.
After all, she was always the path of a story,
to be treaded on, for the Gods of Greece to achieve glory.

It's not fair I say.

I always wonder,
when I think of her,
what if Medusa had a lover?

so what if she was a monster?
So what?


SOUMYA said...

no comments!!!!

SOUMYA said...

life is has never been fair even in the ancient world...poor medusa would have been b'ful as ever only if poseidon could have kept his pants on and remain faithful to his wife!!!

Sourav said...

Let me know about Medusa, if you get an answer..

nil said...

Hmmmmmmmm.... good stuff lady. The rest of the critique- later, in person : )

Remya said...

@Soumya- Yeah, haha! Exactly what I meant, sis. Though I tried to convey the "kept his pants on" part in a more bearable manner ;)
Glad you checked in. :)

@Sourav: Haha, sure, I'll give her a call asap.

@Nil: Later, amigo!