Friday, March 4, 2011

Jack and Jenny

Salut, tout le monde!
Je suis face a de nombreuses critiques ces jours-ci pour le vissagejusqu'a mon horloge √©ducatif dans son ensemble mauvaise .. Donc je suppose que la vie ne va pas etre facile pour moi l'anneeprochaine.

Oh. Crap. Not a french demographic, are we?
So was just saying how my exams didn't go so well, so I'm facing a lot of flak.
On the plus side, I just got to know that the male and female of an ass is Jack and Jenny.
So. Basically, it's stupid if you name your kid either of them.

Haven't come up with any wonderful written pieces, and the best part is, I do not want to, either.
Taking a break, I guess.

You know Urban Dictionary defines "Lalala" a phrase used to cover up a gap in a conversation which no one knows how to fill.
That's stupid.
I think it's "I'm awesome." that does the work for such conversational gaps- if it's me, that is.

I spoke to my sister after a long time.
And @Priyanka Banerjee I think the photo is nice too! Thanks for the compliment, man :)

And hey, I'm planning on a Delhi young blogger's meet. Phun, eh?
You tell everyone you know and I'll get back to you with more info.
By the way,  I sincerely hope whatever I wrote in the beginning is right... I haven't written  french for a real long time..

It's mum's birthday today.
But she's one of those who doesn't even acknowledge the day except the wishes part. - THAT she gets a kick out of ;)
So well, I went and placed a big kiss on her forehead at midnight and whispered "Happy Birthday, mum. 5 decades complete. I love you."
She didn't let go of my hand for a real long time.

Love you loads, mum.
Still can't figure out why you ended up with a completely unpredictable, mad, super fussy "Jenny" like me ;)

Take care world,
Drive safe.


Vanita said...
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Vanita said...

hey,wish your mom a 'happy b'day' from my side!! :)
take care!