Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birds of a Feather.

You and I,
we're such a contradiction.
We both frown at the world,
yet dive deeper into it.

We prefer to be lonely,
but yearn to be felt.
We both have kindness in our hearts,
I know you do.
Yet we shout out in our worst times.

We harm those we love
when we are angry,
yet we cannot imagine a life without them.
You do not share your tears,
and I struggle to keep them to myself.
For I'm just a child, and you're grown.

When you smile, everything seems fine to me,
"It's the same with you!", my friends exclaim.
You push your loved ones away in your hour of need,
 so do I.

We both speak to ourselves,
you of situations,
I, in the scenes of my future.
You attack your thoughts,
I, my fate.

You had difficulties,
you want me to see them,
but you'd never dream of me living in it.
You pride me, I pride you,
in our own little ways.

I do not speak what I
feel to those I love,
neither do you,
But we're lucky to be surrounded with those
who stick around.

We get angry at those who don't try,
and we urge them to go further.
We fight, but  remember we are the same blood,
and so pours forth, our emotions for each other.

Yet, in all our contradictions against
this world, and similarities within ourselves
we have contradictions amongst ourselves too.
You want humble, but I'm never the same,
you do not comprehend my language,
and neither do I, of yours.
You stand limited, perhaps the wisdom of age.
I stand with excitement to see it all.

You and I,
we're such a contradiction,
aren't we, father?


nil said...

I only smiled at the last line... beautifully written, Rem.
Wouldn't say more than that and spoil it.

SOUMYA said...

gawd...i felt u were writing bout me!!!
giood work sis.till the last line it was a guess btwn me n dad!!!