Wednesday, March 23, 2011

11 posts in march. You know that doesn't sound so bad until I remember the fact that I had my finals this month and yet, I chanced upon having the max number of posts this month itself. So I wouldn't exactly kill anyone if they say that the only reason why I'm not having the colorful percentage that I aspired for my eleventh grade report card is my pure and persistent absence of regular(or at least committed) studies.

And I suppose if you come from the same blogging circle like mine, you would have probably read two blog posts already ranting on about the cancellation of my school trip. Well, yeah, I was disappointed too. But you better thank your ice-cream coated stars that I don't like to be a drama queen when it comes down to my blogposts.

So, school starts the day after. And as I've already faced this situation 13 times in the past 13 years, I don't really give a jazz. But- all that disco ball hype regarding this being my last year to experience such a situation just makes me laugh my awesome jaws off, because as far as I'm concerned I'm not terminally ill, and I also do have the choice to repeat 12th at my will.

On the other hand,  I've been watching a lot of Gossip Girl recently. Trust me- as much as my bigmouth, which is majorly inclined towards heavy  dry sarcasm. finds it hard to admit, I really have been watching that show like an addict.
And I do realize that admitting this will definitely not get me into Ivy League or prolly you don't even care, but this being my blog, just play along.

Did I mention that the story is as freakishly twisted as my head?
Everyone is related to everyone, everyone has had sex with everyone, everyone has kissed each other atleast once, and everyone has a lot of money, PLUS everyone has a LOT of spare time.
They scheme, plot, contrive, hate, spew madness, and then laugh, and then screw each other, say sorry, and its all one big happy family.
For instance- a guy who had once tried to rape a girl ends up being faced with such a situation a year later, where that girl is minutes away from becoming his sister. To compensate for his action, he says sorry.
And she goes- "Oh, that's fine."
Because they're pure genius.
Anyone miss Ekta aunty anymore? MOVE over! I prefer Blai-Cuck-Serena-Dan-Nate-Jenny and their madly screwed up parents any day.

Okay, as a tiny explanation, I will tell you that the only reason I even bothered with the show was because I loved its title track.
And did anyone ever tell you that Music can make you do some weird acts? Well, atleast in my case it does.

I'm reading Nicholas Nickleby by Dickens. You know I'd always considered Charlie to be an ass because The Tale of Two Cities was the ONLY book in my entire life that I couldn't bring myself to finish. And I, my friends, have finished books like Argumentative Indian, Ramachandra Guha, and the best one? War and Peace. And Dickens just ruined my ego's happy day. :|
So I decided, I'd like to conquer this particular sphere just for the sake of the high it would give me, and I got another book of his instead- Nickleby which, is a child's play. So my ego's crumping happily in the corner of my head (he shifted residence).
I'm writing two real big stories, but  like the other 5 failed attempts on novel that I have made in the past, I can really guess the fate of the new ones.
You know how I'll get you to believe that God doesn't exist? I'll ask you to pray to him that I don't get bored of my current obsession, and two months later, you'll be signing up at the Scientology church, trust me.

Anyway. As it turns out, Delhi School of Music has accepted me for their next semester. I'm into the law coaching first batch, my books for 12th are here. Let the madness begin.

Goodnight, world.

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Sam B said...

Okay, firstly The Gossip Girl description was funny. And being the fact that I've never gone through an episode of the show, I did check out the title song and yes I loved it. :P

So I've been following 90210..typical high school american teen sitcom...and there's this group of friends...its pretty much the same thing...everybody's made out with the everyone else...kind of lose track of who's with who :P

How could you go through the whole of War and Peace...I tried twice I just couldn't. The fattest ass of a book I've read so far has to be Gone with the wind and it was pretty good considering the number of marriages, the number of least I could finish it off.

Delhi School of music acceptance makes me go must be a genius or something. Any ways Congratulations...

And belated Happy holi?!