Monday, February 28, 2011

Yabba Yabba?

6 hours to school, 6 hours to final examination for Political Theory.
Was with Rohan till  12 or so.. He did Math, I did pol science.. Then he had his smartass comments in the middle that went "I dunno why you humanities guys EVEN STUDY."
Poor guy, says the wrong things.
He now can't pee, I presume.
At the last line, I rolled up my sleeves all macho.

Just spoke to my Christchurch Correspondent- He's full of crap.
May God Bless me too much.

PS- I know, I rant a lot these days.
PS2- PS2 sounds like PS2.
PS3- The title is this language I invented. More on that later.

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nil said...

Elaborate on PS3 xD