Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Utopian Cabaret

The dancers did a doe-si-do
The violin broke off a string,
because it played too hard,
played too soon,
The people around laughed a lot,
the chinks of glasses,
the tinks of bangles.
Tonight, the drinks were on the moon.

The pink haze hovering above their heads,
the room too dark to see,
so they danced with whatever they got,
It was just a happy time to be.

tunes that made cocaine fall on it's knees
out of shame,
routines that pleasured the people around,
their tiptap resounding on the glass floor.

The sway to jazz, closing their eyes
to this hypnotic dream,
that nobody could see but them.
Yet they all had it, one of their own,
Embezzling the nature of it's element of surprise.
It was all glow, all glamour,
it was winter, and a slow fall.

In a corner, sat a child, new to this all,
The decisions on the table, the victim of a relationship fall,
Her eyes wide as she stared into this dream,
centering around a small dancing space,
a Utopian cabaret.

There were people of every size and shape,
They danced whenever it came to them- the smile,
the feeling of happiness, a member of mile high.
Hippie style, some tranced beyond the spaces,
Soon tinkled the Tambourine.
It was breathtaking- this entire scene,
millions crowding around in this little vision,
so ethereal, so vague,
everything distorted out of shape.
the Utopian cabaret gleamed for it was all they wanted,
he got his dream.

But soon they tired, soon they fell,
their knees bled to the ends of hell,
it was blood they saw all around,
the glee of the sinner, the sin of a bloodhound.
the guitar strummed red, the drums snared blood
Utopian it was no more,
the cabaret lay deserted.

The lone who survived, the child gazed in surprise,
trying to suppress her fright
that was the world.

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